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Kopul Studio Elite 4000b Series Instrument Cable

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Kopul Studio Elite 4000B Series 1/4" Male to 1/4" Male Instrument Cable with Braided Mesh Jacket
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  1. lat
    Great cable at an even better price!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 26, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + low price
    • + great build quality
    • + outer mesh reduces coiling
    • - None.
    These are fantastic quality cables at a price that is about the same as entry level cables. I was leery of them, since the price was so low, but I needed to top up an online order to get free shipping, so I decided to roll the dice on them. They are absolutely rock solid cables. I love the mesh outer jacket, which does greatly reduce the amount of coiling that occurs. Love them!
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Item Details

  1. Price:
    M 1/4" Right-Angle to M 1/4" Unbalanced
    98% Braided Copper-Shielding Coverage
    22-Gauge Copper Conductor
    Braided Mesh Jacket
    Flexible PVC Jacket
    Heavy-Duty 1/4" Gold-Plated Connectors
    Other Specs:
    Conductive PVC & PE Layers of Insulation
    Shrink-Wrap Strain Relief
    The 15' Studio Elite 4000B Series 1/4" Male Right-Angle to 1/4" Male Studio Instrument Cable with Braided Mesh Jacket from Kopul is designed for connecting guitars to amplifiers or any other application where a 1/4" instrument or unbalanced line-level connection is required. It can be used in several studio environments for applications such as recordings, broadcast TV, post production houses, and more.

    Kopul's 4000B series instrument cables are engineered for protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and the significant reduction of static noise. This cable features gold-plated 1/4" connectors that have a metal shell and shrink-wrap strain relief. A braided mesh jack prevents unwanted tangling and adds durability to the cable.

    The 22-gauge annealed-copper conductors with dense braided spiral copper shielding, as well as a conductive PVC, and PE insulation make the Studio Elite 4000B Series instrument cable a flexible, quiet cable that ensures excellent transfer of the audio signal. kopul instrument cable.jpg