Krivo Double Bass Pickup

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  1. HateyMcAmp
    Krivo Double Bass Pickup
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed May 2, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Very natural sounding for a magnetic pickup
    • - Needs some setup tweaking to get it sounding optimal
    This magnetic, humbucking double bass pickup is a rare bird, but I’m so happy it exists. I play bass in a very loud touring / festival band that has recently moved from a percussionist to full set drummer. Before then, my amplification strategy had been bridge wing pickup into a well designed combo amp, DI out. That set up can go loud mind you, but I need really loud, and send an easy to use signal to the sound guy. It wasn’t even feedback that was the issue, more so a lack of presence. I went to the Krivo as something of a last resort. At $200 it’s not unreasonably priced.

    For big stages, the punch was back. I could compete with the drums. After finding the right strings (Spriocores work well, Helicores do not) and the right amp (I prefer a new combo markbass to my trusty 90s MB150S) I’m getting a great electric double bass sound. Natural? Maybe not, but it sounds undeniably like a double bass when played with that technique. A softer touch leads to more of a a BG sound, which can be cool as an effect. Generally speaking, it find it to be reasonably natural sounding in the “money position” and a little more NHØP/jaco in the upper registers. A lifesaver for people who want to play DB super loud! For acoustic gigs I like to mix with a basic SM-58 in the bridge, which makes it sound a lot less sterile.
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    Magnetic “microphonic” humbucker for Double Bass.