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  • No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Eastern soft maple
    Neck Material:
    Laminated hard rock maple
    Fingerboard Material:
    Ebony; 71/2 inch radius
    Two Kubicki humcancelling (TM)
    Other Hardware:
    Single Truss Rod, adjustable at headstock. Nut: Phenolic
    8.5 lbs

Recent Reviews

  1. drumsnbass
    "Truly incredible bass!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Exceptionally comfortable with zero neck dive and perfect balance. Truly designed as a 'slap bass' from the get go.
    Cons - Not a heavy bass, but I think the tuner assembly might have been made lighter.
    I purchased one of these on a lark because I always thought they were rather "cool" and interesting looking. For a long time I was turned off by the 32" scale, thinking that would be a downer compared to playing a 34" scale. Was I ever wrong!

    This is the first 4 string bass I ever played I liked. Partly because, well, it really does not come in a fiver unless you get the Key Factor 5, which is really a different animal.

    Anyway, as I have noted on some forum posts, the Ex factor is an incredible instrument. I've played no bass that was easier to play while sitting down practicing. It just folds into your body.

    Sound-wise (I have both a FCS & non-FCS), they just sound excellent. If anything I think I prefer the FCS personally. a lot of people make a big deal over this distinction, but having both I would say that, really, it's not that great and scoring a used one in great condition is more important that the 9v or 18v electronics. And if it bothers you that bad, you can update the guts for a few hundred from Kubicki via Mike Haney.

    Having been thru a lot of basses to find those that I really enjoy playing, I would rate the Ex Factor as possibly the last or 2nd to last bass I would part with out of roughly 6 basses I own.

    In parting, I believe Phil Kubicki was a true genius. From the "flip" D-tuner, to the body shape, to the smooth tuners, and the laminated neck -- this is a bass that today clearly stands the test of time.

    Price Paid:
    too much but worth it!
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  2. EricSands
    "Made for shredding!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Most comfortable bass ever, versatile tone, Passive & active settings, works if batteries die!
    Cons - 32 laminate neck won't twist but bows easy with climate change. Easy to adjust with standard screwdriver
    This is my favorite bass so far. Very fast neck, great tone, 18v preamp, excellent craftsmanship. I own a fretted and a fretless. Very consistant build quality. Some people think the pre-Fender one are better, but actually the pre-Fender and Fender versions were all made by Philip Kubicki. He stamped the Fender ones in his shop. Different preamps were used, but both are excellent. I also own Fender Jazz and Steinberger XL basses. The Kubicki is the one I play live most. It's made for shredding!
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  3. heath_the_great
    "Great versatile bass"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Extended E String, Versatile Preamp, Comfortable Feel, Headless
    Cons - 23 frets? why not 24? Mines Fender Made, Headless is not to everyone's taste
    What is there to say, its great, versatile comforable to play standing or sitting, plus it looks great and its headless, which is not to everyone taste....but its to mine...and the e string sounds great detuned, its concert tension and doesnt sound floppy, plus its designed to be 32" but it feels as if its 34", if that made any sense, preamp is great, 3 passive modes, 2 active and a standby, 2 band eq with 2 hum cancelling pups.....
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