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LaBella Deep Talkin' White Nylon Tape Wound 750T

4/5, 4 from 1 review

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  1. tangentmusic
    LaBella Deep Talkin' White Nylon Tape Wound 750T
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Feb 26, 2017
    • + Very gentle on a fretless neck and easy on the fingers
    • - Slightly less low end tone than expected
    IMG_0308.JPG IMG_0850.JPG I had put together a project bass using a reverse headstock fretless maple neck.
    I was in fear of board finish wear using traditional rounds or flats, so I decided to try a set of these out. I was glad I did.

    They have a super friendly feel on the fingertips and are very kind to the gloss finish on the fingerboard. So far, they have held up well, with no flaking or unraveling of the coating.

    They also provide a very nice tone on this fretless, with plenty of mwah and articulation in the mids and upper register.
    The low end seems to be adequate, but up high, they really sing.
    Price Paid:

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