Labella Rx Stainless 45-105

4/5, 4 from 1 review
Bright, flexible string.

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  1. BrentSimons
    A bright and flexible but polite stainless steel string.
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Apr 25, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + Flexible
    • + Bright
    • + Low(ish) tension
    • - Too polite for my taste.
    My first impressions:
    They have a slightly higher tension than the EB Slinkys I had on. Although the Slinkys were 45-100. The Rx's I put on were 45-105 but I was happily able to get a 80 A string in that set like my Rotos. The E string is notably a different color than the rest. I almost thought they had snuck in a nickel wound but its SS.They have a higher tension but feel flexible. Not as flexible as say the Dunlop Super Brights but flexible. You don't feel them rolling under your fingers. They feel VERY similar to the EB Slinkys in the roughness or grabby category. Blindfolded I doubt my fingers could tell the difference.Not bad for a stainless steel string. They are bright but not obnoxiously so. Musical? ( I have to admit I fall in the love of obnoxiously bright category for my strings! ;) They aren't too gritty like a Rotosound or Hi-Beams or Pro Steels. ( Which is my goal! ;))But if you dig in they aren't bad but you can feel the increased tension. I guess I'm on the fence right now I'll have to play them longer and see what happens. For $15 a set not a bad purchase?
    One thing I thought was neat initially sort of bugged me as a "responsible dad" was the the little beads numbered 1-4 on the ends strings. At first I was like oh thats kinda cute. But then I thought: Choking hazard for little kids or pets? Does Labella do this on any of there other string sets? My wife said I should write to them. I may. I applaud their attempt to reduce packaging but I think a little paper sticker would have sufficed.
    But anyway I didn't mean to rant. Just and observation. Now on to the recording.
    My first attempt to play is going through the Tube Preamp setting on my Bass Pod XT. Flat EQ. No speaker simulation and volumes tones wide open on my Geddy Lee Jazz. Finger, pick, silly slap and a little chordal plucking bit. Later on I add a Ampeg SVT simulation with 8x10 fridge cab and a little chorus and a few other effects as the clip fades off. I hope you like it.
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    1. rtslinger
      I have these on my 75 Gibson Ripper love them
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Item Details

  1. Guages:
    Stainless Steel Round Wound
    More flexible & lighter tension than Standard La Bella M Series
    String Gauges: .045, .065, .080, .105
    Versatile construction appeals to every style bass, genre of music and playing style
    Made in the USA with American Wire