Lakland Hanson P-4 Neopunch

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  1. Jefenator
    Neodymium ROCKS In A Pickup!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 22, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Standard Sizing
    • + Punchy
    • + Hot Signal
    • + Vintage Vibe
    • - Care Needed In Handling
    With speaker cabs, I've come to associate "Neo" with something that lacks a certain "heft".
    I feel now that it would be a mistake to presume that pickups are the same way.
    If you handle a neodymium magnet, you'll notice that they're actually not "diluted" or "wimpy" at all. Quite the opposite, they're ridiculously strong - almost too much so for common household applications. Turns out, for guitar pickups, that opens up some exciting possibilities.
    I once had a bass with a BiSonic style pickup which was lots of fun: punchy with a very hot signal. Underneath the adjustable poles was a big steel magnet. This undoubtedly added to the potency of the signal, but it also necessitated a rather large rout. The NeoPunch incorporates this concept in the common P-bass form. If a P pickup and a BiSonic had a baby, it might turn out like this.
    To my ears, the sound seems pretty vintage. (Big time 1970s vibe with the tone rolled off - that's a gold standard for me.) There's definitely some coloration that makes it tough to bury in a mix. I have "natural" and "single coil" covered elsewhere; I wanted an axe with the classic P-bass "bark" and I think this pickup nails that.
    I immediately noticed the extra high output. In theory this shouldn't matter (since most amps have a gain knob) but in practice I do enjoy a nice strong signal. (I've had it the other way and found that to be a drag...)
    Construction seems generally pretty good but I would advise extra care when handling. The back plates with the neo strips are glued in place but the strength of the magnets can overcome that if you get one coil too close to the other. I also noticed that the lead wires seem a bit brittle - one actually broke off where it meets the pickup. (Fortunately one can strip back the wire and re-solder onto the bobbin - a relatively easy fix.)
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  1. Pickup Type:
    Steel + Neodymium
    Pickup intended for the 4 String P Bass enthusiast. This model is found on Bob Glaub & Duck Dunn Signature Models. This pickup utilizes Lakland/Hanson's own construction in an exposed pole construction.