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Line 6 Bass Pod Xt

5/5, 5 from 1 review
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  1. BrentSimons
    I love my Bass Pod Xt...still. :)
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 25, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + Infinite tweakability
    • + Good used prices
    • - No XLR outs like Bass Pod XT Pro
    • - No longer suported
    • - Really need a footswitch if changing patches
    I've had my Bass Pod Xt for years now and it has never let me down. Are there "better" modelers out there? Probably. The Line 6 Helix and HX line are getting a lot of attention these days as well as Fractal, Kemper etc.
    But if you're patient and tweak and believe me you can tweak on this thing! You can be rewarded by some great sounds, at least to my ears. Well and Robert DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots. He's still using his Bass Pod XT Pro's as his main gigging rig!
    Do the amps sound like the real thing? I don't know. I've only owned a few of the ones listed. There are some great effects as well. Chorus, flanger, delays and some good drive and fuzz sims as well. For those you just need to blend in a bit of your DI signal which you can do. Some folks aren't aware of that but its right there under your finger tips. I think it still holds up today. What I usually do when making a preset is select an amp sim that might be close to what tone your are thinking of. Select a similar cab and then tweak the EQ. You can even add a 6 band semi parametric eq if you wish to help with sculpting your tone. Effects and drive to taste. You can send a modeled out or DI out to the board or into your amp. You can even use the headphone out(fully processed) as well as a third option.
    • Acoustic 360
    • Aguilar® DB750
    • Alembic F-2B
    • Ampeg® B-15A
    • Ampeg® SVT
    • Eden Traveller WT-300
    • Fender® Bassman® Combo
    • Fender® Bassman® Head
    • Fender® Dual Showman®
    • Gallien Kruger 800RB
    • Hiwatt® DR-103
    • Hiwatt® 200 DR
    • Marshall® Major
    • Marshall® Super Plexi
    • Mesa/Boogie® Bass 400+
    • Polytone MiniBrute®
    • Sunn® Coliseum
    • SWR® SM-500
    • Versatone Pan-O-Flex
    • Vox® AC100
    • Line 6® Classic Jazz
    • Line 6® Brit Invader
    • Line 6® Super Thor
    • Line 6® Frankenstein
    • Line 6® Ebony Lux
    • Line 6® Doppelganger
    • Line 6® Sub Dub
    • Line 6® Tube Preamp
    • Bypass
    Bass PODxt Live Cabinet Models based on*:
    • 1x12 Euphonics® CXL-112L
    • 1x12 Versatone® Pan-O-Flex
    • 1x15 Ampeg® B-15
    • 1x15 SWR® Big Ben
    • 1x15 Polytone® Mini-brute®
    • 1x18 Acoustic 360
    • 1x18 Mesa/Boogie®
    • 1x18 + 12 Sunn® Coliseum
    • 2x10 Ashdown® ABM 210T
    • 2x15 Fender® Dual Showman® D130F
    • 2x15 Mesa/Boogie®
    • 4x10 Line 6 Original
    • 4x10 Fender® Bassman® Combo w/ new speakers
    • 4x10 Fender® Bassman® Combo
    • 4x10 Fender® Hartke® 410
    • 4x10 Fender® David Eden
    • 4x12 Hiwatt® Bass Cab
    • 4x12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave w/ Greenbacks
    • 4x12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave w/ Greenbacks
    • 4x15 1967 Marshall® Major
    • 8x10 Ampeg® SVT Cab
    • Bypass Cab
    Bass PODxt Live Microphone Models based on*:
    • Neumann® U47 - close mic'd
    • Neumann® U47 - distant mic'd
    • AKG® D-112
    • Electro-Voice® RE-20

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Preamp Details

  1. Power:
    EQ / Controls:
    4 band and 6 band parametric
    The Line 6 Bass PODxt Bass Amp Modeler is the acclaimed standard in bass recording. Now it's been upgraded for the XT generation with fully reengineered tone engine, hot amp and cab models, a vastly expanded and improved set of effects, plus elaborate EQ, studio-quality compressor, and biamp mode. New effects include distortion boxes, a large selection of synth effects, superb reverbs, and character-rich delays. EQ includes bass, lo-mid, hi-mid, treble, plus fully programmable 6-band parametric EQ. USB connection allows direct computer recording.

    Reengineered tone engine
    Hot amp and cab models
    Studio-quality compressor
    Biamp mode
    4-band EQ plus 6-band parametric
    USB connection
    Expanded and improved effects include:
    Distortion boxes
    Synth effects
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