LoPhat 800D

  • Power:
    800w @4ohms, 500w @8ohms, 250w @16ohm
    13" wide, 5.5" height, 9"deep, 10.5lbs weight
    1 (1/4")
    Two neutrik-1/4", XLR DI out, effect loop, preamp out
    EQ / Controls:
    Knobs: Vol, bass, mids, treble, presence (pull mute)

    Switches: sensitivity (active/passive), mode (dark, bright, normal), bass frequency (120hz or 60hz), deep boost (on/off)
    Msrp: $1549.99
    image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  1. gospel jazz
    Daddymactx, search for the Lophat 800D review, here on talkbass. Btw, those are some nice Wyn basses on your profile pic. I own one myself.
  2. cromag31
    is this a demeter?
    1. gospel jazz
      It's a Lophat amp made by Demeter. There are several differences between the two units.
      gospel jazz, Aug 5, 2016
    2. daddymactx
      What are the differences?
      daddymactx, Sep 2, 2016