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  • Power:
    1200W @ 4 ohms
    EQ / Controls:
    Two fully independents channel with their independents OD

Recent User Reviews

  1. baxter_x
    "You can't expect more"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - - Sound
    - The features
    - The weight
    - Power
    Cons - - No compressor
    - Complex, but if you buy that amp, you already know what you are doing.
    - Can't switch on/off the effect loop from the footswitch
    The Mesa Titan V12...... Well.... The name says it all. Two fully independents channels with their own overdrive. It's simply 2 Big Block 750 in one amp. The sound is close my M9, with a little influence from the M-Pulse or the BB750. The Titan clearly sits in between, but to me, leans toward the Carbine series. Massive, clean, clear tone, to over-driven, fuzzy, old-school tone. The power.... just deafening. My SVT 4 Pro pushes a damn amount of power, but it feels the Titan is even stronger.
    You can use two completely different instruments and switch between them thanks the great A/B box. Everything can be controlled via the 5 button footswitch. The amp is way lighter than the SVT 4 Pro. It's about the same as my M9. Pretty convenient though.
    The only thing missing? The great Mesa compressor you can find on the M-Pulse 360/600 and Carbine M9. But I guess the head was complex enough for Mesa to add such a feature.
    I you need complexity, dirt and massive sound go for the Titan (or BB 750), if you just need clean massive tone go for the M9 or the SVT 4. The Ampeg is still a great competitor to the M9, I own both.
    Price Paid:
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