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  • Power:
    600w @ 4ohms
    EQ / Controls:
    3 bands EQ, semi-parametric EQ, compressor

Recent Reviews

  1. baxter_x
    "Very well design, for those who enjoy vintage tone"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - -Great design
    -Great footwitch with lots of control
    -Great compressor
    -Solo knob
    -Great finish
    Cons - -Not much except the sound, but it's very personal
    -Semi parametric EQ. Always a pain for me
    This amp is really well designed and looks really good.
    Tone wise IMO, very vintage oriented. Too much to my tastes. You can get rid of it thanks the great semi parametric EQ. But with only the 3 bands EQ, I couldn't get rid of that typical vintage tone. I'm really used to the massive super clean tone of my Ampeg SVT 4 Pro, and the M-Pulse was very different from that.
    However, the 4 or 5 buttons (depends of versions) footswitch offers a lot of control. Way more that the newer Carbine series (only 2 buttons).
    I traded it for the Carbine M9 and will never look back.

    If you are after vintage tone go for this amp, you will love it.
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  1. derridiandrift
    baxter_x, I thought I'd add an endorsement of your review. I had one of these and a matching 212 cab for a while, and your review is accurate. Furthermore, I'm a huge fan of vintage tone and I have to say that I struggled to get something out of this thing that was workable for me. I used this amp with the Mesa 212, an Ampeg 810, an Eden 210 and 410. In all cases, I struggled to reign in the low end and find the low-mid punch that I was after. It was just too much to tame. Looking at this amp, it seems improbable to have so much trouble finding a tone I liked. It purports to have so many on-board eq and compression features, but that's my experience. If I recall correctly, I think the bass shelf eq was set too low for my taste, and the Q on the semi-para eqs was too narrow for what I wanted to accomplish. I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly. However, I know how to use para and semi-para eqs; use them all the time on mixers.

    The amp sounded great soloed but for some reason my tone just simply disappeared into the mix. If I turned up, it was just a louder version of a tone that didn't sit well. In the end, I got tired of chasing it just gave up. I wonder if, given enough time, maybe I'd have worked it out, but I'm not the kind of player who likes to fiddle with gear. I want the sound of my Fender 4-string bass with some added grit coming out of the speakers and sitting well in the mix. Also, my lifelong use of SVTs probably meant that I was trying to make this thing sound like an Ampeg.

    Mesa's trademark stellar build quality is obvious in every aspect of this amp. I have deep respect for what they're doing, and I desperately wanted to love this amp. In the end, we broke up. We're probably both better for it.
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    1. baxter_x
      Yes, I think we do share the same opinion on the amp. I did have trouble to get a good sound out of it, it couldn't sit nicely in the mix neither.
      The thing I can't understand is when I read users of the MP saying this amp is clean and massive in the low end.
      baxter_x, Dec 15, 2016