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MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe

5/5, 5 from 1 review
MI Audio Low Gain Overdrive Pedal

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  1. el murdoque
    Giutar OD Pedal that excels on Bass
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 28, 2016
    Build Quality:
    • + Great sound, very responsive
    • - Not all the knobs make sense when used on bass
    I bought the Blueboy from a band colleague after extensive testing.
    Apart from the Master Vol and the Gain knobs,
    there are controls for Bright, Tone, Mids and Char.
    Mids and Char are not that useful for the Bassplayer,
    but the Tonestack of the toneknob is awesome and the boost for the highs is usable, too. The Tone knob does treble cut + bass boost turned CCW and vice versa.
    There is absolutely no loss in the low end, with the Tone knob set in favor of Bass, even the low B gets a nice boost.
    The OD is quite warm and very responsive to how hard the strings are hit. It can add just a bit of girth when played softly and start to growl when hit harder.

    All in all a very nice overdrive with potent tone shaping potential.

    Quality made and the little knobs stay where they are, even when you put it in the gigbag.
    Price Paid:
    120 used

Item Details

  1. Pedal Type:
    Low Gain Overdrive
    Approx 150-200 new
    The Blue Boy Deluxe is the king of smooth, singing low/medium gain sounds – a perfect pedal for blues and ‘fusion’ leads. The Blue Boy Deluxe has three times the gain of a traditional TS-style pedal but with less compression, providing an overdrive that is faithful to your original guitar tone. But what sets the Blue Boy Deluxe apart from most overdrives is the tonal shaping options available. Aside from the flexible TONE control, pre-gain bass can be dialled in with CHARACTER, MIDS can be cut or boost and top end tuned via BRIGHT. This pedal is truly a tweaker’s dream!

    GAIN – The gain control of the Blue Boy Deluxe is designed to have a wide sweep – about 60%, you have as much gain as a TS.
    TONE – High/Low balancing control tone control
    VOLUME – with output up to 25Vpp with correct power supply!
    MIDS – Dedicated midrange control
    CHARACTER – for adding ‘momentum’ to guitar notes, or keeping things tight
    BRIGHTNESS – for controlling top end content, and to help match the Blue Boy Deluxe to different amps

    - See more at: http://miaudio.com/effects/blue-boy-deluxe-overdrive-2/#sthash.cGUh0Frp.dpuf