Mxr M89 Bass Overdrive

4.7/5, 4.7 from 3 reviews
A quick review on the Mxr Bass Innovations grand slam of a pedal for bass players that want a tube growl !!
  1. GMC
    Very good but not perfect
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 7, 2016
    Build Quality:
    • + A good overdrive sound
    • - There is no clean blend, it's not very transparent and it's not very dynamic.
    I'd read a lot about this pedal and I was initially very disappointing with my copy. So I'll start with the problems I have with it.

    Firstly, the clean knob IS NOT a clean blend...which would have been nice.'s a pre-set EQ blend which isn't fully removed when the knob is at one end of the scale and gets very boomy at the other end. It's this feature which takes away my view of this pedal's does mess with your tone between a lot and a little bit. The tone knob is a typical treble cut and helps to emulate amps/cabs of old. But essentially there are two knobs here that are a bit redundant. It is a missed opportunity to have either active Bass and treble controls (cut & boost) or a treble cut and blend option.

    Secondly, the grit isn't very dynamic and can't be turned fully down to no grit. If the pedal is engaged...then there is always some grit and how hard you play doesn't make a lot of difference to the amount of grit. So the break up isn't as controllable as I'd like. I like to be able to dial in "on the verge" of break up so that as I dig in...I get some nice biting crunch to my tone. I can't do that with this pedal. It doesn't to subtle.

    So that's the bad. The good news is that it's grit is really very nice and sounds great. I really like some of the sounds I get from it and it pairs really well with other MXR pedals. Pop this between your MXR Bass Octaver and MXR Bass Envelope filter and you will see what I mean.

    So it's a good pedal, but the opportunity for it to be epic is unfortunately missed.
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