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Nordstrand NP4

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Precision Bass-style split-coil pickup with Alnico V magnets

Recent Reviews

  1. Low84
    Everything you want in a P pickup!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 17, 2017
    Build Quality:
    • + Classic sound with a little added punch and clarity.
    This pickup was included in a used bass I purchased and was my first Nordstrand experience and quickly sold me on Carey Nordstrand's products!

    The NP4 has a classic look -- matte black plastic covers and four exposed polepieces per half. Unlike many pickup makers who plaster their name/logo on the cover so you can't miss them, the folks at Nordstrand opt for a nice embossed/molded "N". It's subtle and barely noticeable from afar. This is a great bonus for those who are wanting to maintain that unmodified look. Thank you, boys!

    Nordstrand didn't try to re-invent the P pickup with the NP4, just make it better. It delivers that familiar classic full, punchy tone and with the help of the Alnico V magnets, it does it with just a little more "oomph." Note: Alnico III magnets are also available for those seeking a more traditional tone.

    This pickup is guaranteed a wide variety of P players. Go give one a spin today!
    Price Paid:
    included with the used bass I purchased

Item Details

  1. Pickup Type:
    Alnico V
    Other Specs:
    Black in color, molded "N" logo