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O.C. Duff Custom Hand-Wound Jazz Bass Pickup Set

  • Pickup Type:
    Jazz Bass Set
    Alnico V
    Active or Passive:
    Other Specs:
    42-Gauge Plain Enamel Wire, RWRP Neck Pickup

Recent Reviews

  1. Midak
    "O.C. Duff Custom Hand-Wound Jazz Bass Pickup Set"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Open, analytic, harmonically-rich sound
    Custom-built to individual specifications
    Cons - None
    This is a custom-ordered Jazz Bass pickup set by O.C. Duff Pickups for my Fender Custom Shop 1964 Jazz Bass. Sound-wise, I was after a clear, analytic and musical set, with rich overtones; a throaty, Precision Bass-like neck pickup and a bridge one roaring, as it should. Owen Duffy, the man behind O.C. Duff Pickups, replied immediately with specs that meant to give the pickups the above characteristics.

    3 weeks later, which is precisely the amount of time mentioned when I placed my order, I received my custom set. The sound was full, analytical, powerful, with much more pronounced overtones than the stock pickups. The final result is what I wanted - a fat neck and a punchy bridge pickup, both characterized by clarity.

    Owen did a terrific job on this custom set, showing lots of interest and attention both to the final product but also during our communication. I highly recommend him and his work.

    You can also read a more detailed review of the set here.
    Price Paid:
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