Optima Chrome Flatwound Bass Strings

3.5/5, 3.5 from 2 reviews
Electric Bass Flatwound chrome strings, sized 0.045 to 0.100 Long scale.

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  1. therumour
    Uneven Timbre
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Feb 16, 2017
    • + I was expecting some...
    • - Uneven timbre across strings
    The Optima Chrome 4099 RL set I purchased (brand new, btw) played with a more-than expected muted sound on the E and A strings (which was OK), but a completely opposite bright sound on the D and G strings. I too was expecting these strings to be somewhat like the original Ric type flats. I am not saying that they do not sound as expected. I am saying that the set I have played unevenly. Whether they were dull and thuddy or somewhat bright, at least I could use them if all four strings played similarly.
    Price Paid:
    About $50 US
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    1. Root 5
      All flatwound sets start out uneven sounding, usually the E is thumpier or dare I say ‘dull’ until the rest of the set catch up.

      The Optima Chrome strings are amongst the very best in the world IMO.
  2. nerkoids
    Expensive, but not regrettable at all.
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 11, 2015
    • + Smooth feel, Well made silks, resistant to a lot of handling Polite, middle of the road sound scooped at the right places Can be used in a vintage and modern context Moderately stiff, but not overly hard on a bass neck Lots of mid presence, polite but very present bottom, attractive upper click for clean percussion The volume and tone is more consistent than a lot of other flats I've tried
    • - Pretty Expensive Hard to find in North America (well in Canada, at least) When new, very zingy and G string can be twangy
    The review is pretty much in outlining the pros and cons of these strings. I purchased them second-hand thanks to Dannster for 35 USD (before the Canuck Loonie took a dive) I don't regret buying these, but I don't consider them to be the best value strings.

    They're certainly great sounding strings and are quite versatile flats that, like Chromes can be used in many different styles. I do find them better than Chromes, though. In Europe, they are considerably cheaper than on this side of the pond, so for our European brothers and sisters, these might be the flats you'd be looking for.

    I made a video reviewing them if you like to watch a dilletante on the bass make a fool of himself:
    Price Paid:
    35.00 USD (retails for 55.00 USD)
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