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Optima Unique Studio Bass Gold Strings

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Optima 24K Gold Roundwound .045 - .105 set

Recent Reviews

  1. Eddie LeBlanc
    Best I used so far.
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 2, 2017
    • + Slick feel, great tone, including clear root notes and crystal clear harmonics. Super quality German manufacturing. Seem to have a slight lower tension, than other coated roundwounds.
    • - None.... except they are pricey. But considering the longevity, may be better than any other coated strings.
    Been seeing these for a while. And with the higher cost, been a little reluctant to purchase. Boy was that a waste of time.

    I've been using DR coated strings and Roto Nexus Coated strings for years. Once I put a set of Optima Gold Uniques onto my baby, I've ordered sets for my other main basses. And a much slicker feel than the other coated strings.

    Tone is much cleaner, with great lows and root tones and super harmonics. Really a string for most any type of player or music category. And with super long life (as the coating doesn't chip off like coated strings) the price becomes a non-issue.
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Item Details

  1. Guages:
    .045, .065, .085, and .105

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