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Orange Crush 50BXT - front.jpg
Orange Crush 50BXT - front.jpg
Orange Crush 50BXT - Top.jpg

Orange Crush 50bxt

3/5, 3 from 4 reviews
50-Watt Solid-State Bass Combo/Practice Amp
Orange Crush 50BXT - front.jpg Orange Crush 50BXT - Top.jpg
  1. BSatt
    Not worth it...
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Oct 8, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + Build quality, look (I had the orange one), size, weight, price.
    • - sound. which is a big con as you're buying this only to make sound.
    I bought one of these for my son who was learning bass. In that capacity...practice amp in his bedroom...it worked fine.

    I brought it to rehearsal for me to try it...and it failed. Volume was poor (we were not too loud either) but the tone was the worst. Way too sterile. I have no idea how anyone could say these things are warm sounding. The other band members even commented on it sounding "dry and lifeless".

    I haven't used any other Orange gear but I will not look at them for my future amp needs. I'm sure their higher-end gear sounds better but if they can't make a decent $250 practice amp, I will not trust them for their higher cost items. My old Roland Cube 60 back in the day was killer and because of that my fondness for Roland gear lives on.

    Bottom line, this thing is decent for a practice amp but you'll need to get another amp once you try to play with others - at gigs or rehearsal. Which means you'll have to buy two amps - so avoid this and only buy one.
    Price Paid:

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