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Orange OBC810

Average User Rating:
  • Power:
    1200 watts at 4 ohms
    8-10" Eminence Legend Ceramic
    2x combination speakon, 1/4" jacks
    DSCN2519 (3).JPG DSCN2521 (3).JPG DSCN2543.JPG

Recent User Reviews

  1. LeftyD
    "Big Orange Bass Cab"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - A beautiful looking 810 that sounds great
    Cons - Twice as much as the Ampeg 810
    A sealed 810 cab with Eminence Legend speakers. Close your eyes and it sounds like a sealed 810 cab with Eminence Legend speakers. The sound is big, deep and solid.
    Open your eyes and there is this beautiful orange 810 cab. It colors your impressions. I love the looks as much as the sound. I love big cabs and this is a beauty. " Take eight, ten inch speakers, slam them into a cab and magic happens." Cover that magic in orange and there is the OBC810.
    I have only played the Orange AD200 MK3 through it and only at home.
    Buyer beware. The box and packing are barely sufficient for a safe arrival at your door. A half battered, torn box with one corner protector sticking sideways out of the box at my door. I took pictures and was ready for the worse, but miraculously it emerged unscathed. This was with 2 day air shipping. No doubt if it shipped ground, it would have been worse.
    I was surprised to see, made in the USA on the jack plate. I scoured the orange forum and all I could find was made in Eminence, Kentucky but not by Eminence speakers. Different. I never tire of seeing this cab in my room.
    Price Paid:
    $2100, oh yeah.


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