Peavey Patriot

5/5, 5 from 2 reviews
Great Peavey bass, extremely underrated like all USA Peavey basses at that time. Truly a gem!
  1. PortlandBass77
    One of the best basses for the money
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 24, 2015
    Build Quality:
    • + Great Build Quality USA Made Attractive Price
    • - Tone is somewhat lacking
    Tone: The tone, to me, is kinda lacking on the Patriot. It has more of a mild tone with less versatility that other Peavey basses. I would recommend this bass to players who prefer a scooped EQ, I feel like it would do this style extremely well (I prefer boosted 'attacking' high mids, I don't feel it is the best option for this style).

    Build Quality: Best aspect of this bass, as per USA Peavey standards it is built like a tank (as in it has a very solid build that would be hard to damage or destroy), it is lighter than Peavey T-Series basses (probably around 9lbs), and has no neck dive.

    Feel: The overall feel is in no means bad, especially for the price point. Action is pretty low and is easy to adjust with the Peavey system. It's hard to describe, but the feel just isn't on par with other Peavey basses.

    Value: Those these can be hard to find, when they do pop up they are some of the best value basses. They can go anywhere from $40 to $200 in the US (mine was so cheap because someone tried to sand the back of the body....) and are on par with most higher end basses.
    Price Paid:
    $40 Used w/ case
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