Peavey Vb-2

4.3/5, 4.3 from 1 review
225 Watts of All Tube Bass Power
  1. Eilif
    A solid option for all tube bass amplification
    4.25/5, 4.25 out of 5, reviewed Oct 19, 2018
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    Background: I had the chance to pick up a VB-2 when GC was closing them out for 400 bucks. With the stock tubes, It was louder cleaner and more present than my YBA-200. The 5year warranty was also a big plus, so I jumped. I a/b'd them repeatedly and a week later I sold the Traynor.

    I like the VB-2 alot. I haven't messed with the preamp tubes, but it doesn't seem to be quite as "thick" sounding, or seem to be able to get quite as warm as my former YBA-200, but it get's thick and warm enough, and it is considerably louder. I attribute this to the EL34's but I could be wrong. Tone tends very punchy, but the EQ gives it a fair amount of versatility. The overdrive channel is pretty aggressive. However, I've never felt the need to use the overdrive on an amplifier so I have little to say on that point.

    This is a very loud amp. Played through either my former Carvin Redline 8x10 or my present Avatar B10 Ne0, I've never felt that I didn't have enough clean headroom.

    One potential issue to watch out for there is at least one board-mounted,f non-removable fuse that can blow if a tube blows. This can result in needing a trip to the shop which is the current state of my amp. It happened after the 5 year warranty. I like it enough to have it repaired when I get some $, but being aware that modifying this amp to have the fuse be user replaceable is worth considering.

    Though now discontinued, a used VB-2 is still worth a look if in the market for a mid-powered All-Tube bass amp. The all-tube bass market is still pretty slim and though it was short lived, the VB-2 was a great sounding option that's still worthy of consideration.
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