Radial Mix-blender

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Dual Instrument Buffer, Mixer, and FX Loop Interface

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  1. Kriegs
    Excellent blender/ FX injector!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Allows for 2 instruments to be readily available on stage without the need for unplugging, etc.
    • + Blend in effects while retaining the tone of your instrument
    • + Class-A buffered inputs
    • + Polarity switch on the FX Send inverts phase by 180 degrees to compensate for out of phase pedals
    • + Built like a tank!
    I use my Radial Mix/ Blender to inject one or more of my OD/ Fuzz/ Distortion effects into my signal chain. I have it second in my chain (my tuner is first) and, live, I often have 2 instruments running into it for quick changes without having to retune, etc.

    I use this for both guitar and bass. With bass, I have the blend set between 50%-60% wet, depending on the specific bass that I'm using. With guitar, I set the blend to 100% wet, because I'm not concerned about preserving my original guitar tone (but if I want to, I can, thanks the the Mix Blender :thumbsup:).

    Previous to Radial releasing the Mix Blender, I'd used the Boss LS-1 but much preferred the simplicity and relative quietness of the Radial once I got to try one out. It has lived on my pedalboard ever since.
    Price Paid:
    $169.99 (USD)

Item Details

  1. Pedal Type:
    Mix Blender FX loop
    EQ / Controls:
    Blend knob, Polarity switch, Level knobs for inputs 1 & 2, On/ Off footswitch
    • Mix 2 instruments or FX together
    • Lets you mix in FX while preserving the sound of your instrument
    • 2 Class A buffered inputs, each with individual level controls
    • Mixer-style FX loop activated with onboard footswitch
    • Blend control lets you mix in effects with precision
    The Radial Tonebone Mix-Blender has a mixer, buffer, and effects loop, all rolled into one. With the Mix-Blender, you can mix two instruments or effects together and send the mixed signal out through Mix-Blender's mixer-style effects loop, activated with the onboard footswitch, for further processing. Radial spec'd it with two Class A buffers for optimal fidelity. The buffers serve to lower impedance to drive your signal longer distances without noise.

    Designed to work with guitar, bass and keyboards, the Mix-Blender sums together two instrument inputs, with individual level controls to balance their relative levels. This allows you to combine two pickups on an acoustic guitar, two effects pedals, or two different instruments on stage so each can be played through the same amp. This combined signal can then be routed to your effects pedals, with a footswitch to activate them in an instant. The effects loop of the Mix-Blender features a unique wet/dry Blend control, which lets you retain the original sound of the instrument and add in as much of the pedals as you like, for effects ranging from subtle to extreme.

    Bass guitar with overdrive
    Add overdrive or distortion to your bass without losing the powerful bottom end. The Mix-Blender's wet-dry control lets you mix in the perfect amount of distortion to your signal path.

    Two instruments in one amp
    With two inputs you can connect two instruments and have them play at the same volume through your amp for quick changes on stage. Connect your tuner from the send jack to monitor your tuning on the fly.

    Blend both pickups together
    Combining two pickups can often lead to the most natural sounding acoustic. Use the Mix-Blender to precisely mix the two signals together. Add a chorus pedal to the effects loop and control it with the footswitch.