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Realist Lifeline XL

4/5, 4 from 1 review
Upright / double bass pickup

Recent Reviews

  1. Remus_Redbone
    Great Upright Tone
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Oct 12, 2015
    • + Easy to install, good string to string balance, no string touch / string rub noise, does not require a preamp (with a GK MB150e), great tone.
    • - Nothing I've encountered so far, unless it doesn't have enough high end for jazz players.
    I've had a BP 100 upright bass pickup for several years, and I could never get a consistent tone from it. I sent an email to Gollihur Music and listed all my gear, music style I played, amps I use, and then asked for advice on a pickup. The reply was that a lot of folks were happy with the Realist Lifeline, including one of the Gollihur owners. I promptly ordered one, and it showed up in about four days. I installed the unit outdoors while at a festival, and it took all of 10 minutes or less. The tone of the pickup is the high point of this review. It's thick and full with good string balance. I've only had it on my bass a few days and so far I'm very pleased.
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    Fits between the bridge height adjusting wheel and the bridge leg or bridge foot, depending on which is not threaded (goes on the non-threaded side).
    A narrow horseshoe shaped transducer with attached 1/4" female jack. The horseshoe shaped transducer fits around the shaft of the adjustment wheel of an upright bass bridge. It comes in a standard size that fits around a 1/4" shaft of aluminum adjusters and a large size that fits around a 3/8" shaft of wooden adjusters.