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Roadrunner Pedal Board Bag.jpe

Road Runner Pedal Board All-In-1 Gig Bag

Road Runner pedal board bag features a 600-denier outer cover for long-lasting protection. The 1/2" padding around the pedal bag keeps your pedals
Roadrunner Pedal Board Bag.jpe

Item Details

  1. Pedal Type:
    Pedal accessory and transport bag
    600-denier outer cover
    1/2" padding
    Non-slip bottom
    Large outside pocket
    Outer mesh pocket
    Sure-grip zipper
    Comfortable padded shoulder strap
    Other Specs:
    The sure-grip zipper pulls and wraps around the handle for a sleek look and assures the Road Runner case is closed. Also includes a comfortable padded shoulder strap.



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