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Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris signature flatwounds

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kenova
    "Non traditional bright sounding flatwounds"
    Pros - Huge low end and punchy mids, almost roundwound highs, not to smooth surface, looks.
    Cons - High tension for someone, too bright for flats, low output.
    SOUND: Initialy they are very bright with similiar ''zing'' from roundwounds but not over the top, you can still hear focused mids and warm huge bass foundemental in the core, they are not thumping like someone would think when people talk about flats. They are definenitely ultimate rock flats and they are great combination with the pick, you can easily hear that agression and strong midrange. with tone rolled off you can hear plenty of warmth and bass. E string is BRUTAL sounding with plenty of definition and kick in it. It's little bit dry and watch out they are very low output strings, Steve Harris is using them with high sensitive pickups.

    FEEL: They are not sticky like some flats, E and A string have little space between the outer wrap so they are rougher if we can acctualy say rougher for flats, you can't really feel it under the fingers, sliding is beautifull and effortless.

    TENSION/FLEXIBILITY: I was expecting much higher tension because people always bashing them for the tension, for me this gauge is ok, with proper setup you can set very low action and play it with little effort, it gives you great feedback and dynamic response and it's great for pick.
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  1. rob_thebassman
    I tried these on my sister's exs bass, middle was too heavy and very stiff. He got me a pack for Christmas and after they broke up I sent them as viewer mail to Dave's world of fun stuff
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    1. talkbox_64
      love watching good ol Dave. Gooched!!!
      talkbox_64, Apr 27, 2017
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    2. rob_thebassman
      He seemed shocked at the gauge haha
      rob_thebassman, Apr 27, 2017
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    3. rob_thebassman
      rob_thebassman, Apr 27, 2017
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  2. blacktocomm
    Ive always passed on these due to the high tension. After reading your review Im gonna keep these in mind for a P build Im going to work on.
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