S.i.t. Power Steels For 12 String Bass


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  1. Guages:
    Custom Lights Fundamentals: 30 (G) - 50 (D) - 70 (A) - 90 (E) Octaves: 18 (G) - 25 (D) - 30 (A) - 40 (E)
    Other Specs:
    These were a custom super light gauge 12 string set.
    12 string custom gauge long scale, stainless steel round-wounds in the following gauges:

    • Fundamentals: 30 (G) - 50 (D) - 70 (A) - 90 (E)

    • Octaves: 18 (G) - 25 (D) - 30 (A) - 40 (E)

    The octaves have the bass string size ball ends. These are S.I.T. Power Steel strings which are made from USA #430 stainless steel wrap over USA hex-core. All Power Steel strings are wrapped using S.I.T.'s exclusive S.I.T. Level Wrap process which keeps proper tension and angle under extreme power winding. This ensures consistent feel and tone with brilliant brightness, clarity and plenty of punch. Like all of S.I.T. strings these were expertly crafted in Akron, Ohio

    The Power Steels have a wonderful and crystal clear harmonic sweetness with plenty of growl and mid range that is at once cutting but never harsh. The sustain is impeccable with slow die-off. The strings are easy on the fingers (and neck) while not feeling too “jangly”. I tend to find 12 string basses strung with heavier gauges too feel stiff and un-responsive to subtle finger articulation. With this set I can execute fast runs with ease and more precision while vibrato and legato laced runs feel comfortable. I don’t use a pick when I play so a gauge of this determination feels like heaven. The strings stay perfectly in tune, of course, and respond well to my aggressive and varied playing styles such as finger picking riffs, raking, slapping and tapping.

    With my neck pickup all the way up they deliver a deep but not muddy resonance. With my bridge pickup all the way up and no neck they sound thunderous and piano like. I tend to use about 90% bridge pickup and 10% neck pickup with the mids up to 100, hi’s rolled to about 75 and the bass to about 90, and at this setting the S.I.T Power Steels make my Dean Rhapsody really shine.

    Without even plugging in my bass I knew that these strings would do the job just nicely. I play through a Behringer 4x10 being pushed by a 1500w Crest Contractor Grade Power Amp and a Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro. I use this rig on larger gigs and out door settings. For smaller venues I run through a Carvin Micro Bass Amp. Both of these scenarios afforded the S.I.T.s to really shine while the larger rig most definitely allowed the strings’ overall timbrel range to really come through. I have always been a fan of stainless steel strings and their ability to produce a truly piano like tone. Though S.I.T.’s Power Nickel sets are incredibly punchy, the Power Steels, to my ears, have that extra zip.