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  • Pickup Type:
    Jazz Bass
    Alnico 2
    Active or Passive:
    $161.90 (Street for set)
    Other Specs:
    Vintage accurate
    Cloth Push-Back Wiring
    Lacquered and Wax Potted
    DC Resistance: 8.7 Kohm
    Comes with a sticker!

Recent Reviews

  1. amusicalperson
    "Best Tone I've Ever Gotten Out of a Jazz Bass"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Vintage Accurate
    Comes with a Sticker!
    Not extremely expensive
    Very Warm Tone
    Aged Look (If you're into that)
    No Seymour Duncan Logo on the Pickups
    Cons - Not suited to more aggressive style of playing (ex. Slap, Metal) without an external aid.
    Aged Look (If you're not into that)
    I have these in my Fender Jazz and I don't even think about other pickups. For my personal tastes, these pickups are unrivaled in the tone department. I like my bass to sound like a bass, I don't care for that overly mid-range or treble sound. I can't even bring myself to play Jazz Basses or P Basses at local music stores because of how punchy they are in comparison to mine because of these pickups. I think these pickups make my Jazz sound like what everyone thinks of as the perfect P Bass tone a la Jamerson. I couldn't imagine how glorious the P Bass set must be in a P Bass. As a side note, these are the Antiquity I's not the II's that a lot of people use. If you enjoy old school tones, this IS the pickup for you!
    Price Paid:
    $160 (for the set)
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