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  • No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    alder with maple top
    Neck Material:
    Custom Mass 2 Bridge
    Custom Marcus Miller Pure Humbuckers
    10 lbs.
    EQ / Controls:
    3 band eq (variable mid select), tone control, pickup blend knob, pickup selector, active/passive switch

Recent Reviews

  1. Kevorargh
    "Great bass for price"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - The eq possibilities are many -

    The bass plays great and the neck is easy and fast.

    It's light - 10 lbs or so.

    The construction is top notch for a bass this price
    Cons - The controls are a little cheap, rubber knobs that aren't the easiest to deal with.

    The eq is touchy - it can overwhelm a bass input pretty easily if you are not careful

    It took 90 days to receive it.
    This bass is fantastic for the price. It looks great and cuts through well in a live setting. Between the eq and the pickup selectors you can get a wide variety of tone. The pickup selectors allow a choice of series (big, burly sound, loud!), outer coils (for a jazz pup tone), and parallel (a bit sterile and reduced gain). The eq is 3 band, allowing for deep lows (30hz), a mid selector (80hz-2khz), and highs (10khz +).

    Great bass!
    Price Paid:
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  1. deluxe
    Great versatility , from my Toné experience and mid strength this is by far the greatest priced Bass you can buy.
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  2. valchristopher
    this is the first i've seen of this one...it looks sweet, but how does it play and sound?
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    1. Plutonium244
      I think it sounds great. Whatever kind of tone you like, you can get it or close to it with this bass. The pickups are switchable from, single coil, to series humbucker, to parallel humbucker, so whether you like it fat and thumpy, crispy and hot, or anywhere in between, this bass can do it. same grea preamp with sweepable mid control as in the V7's.
      Plutonium244, Jan 21, 2017
  3. Plutonium244
    Amen. Also, it has adjustable string spacing at the bridge. You don't often see that, and never at this price, IME. I think mine is less than 10 pounds, more like 8 1/2 on my bathroom scale. B string is even tighter than V7, in part due to scale length of 35". The knobs are more of a rubbery-ish kind of better plastic, not a truly cheap plastic knob, and I like them fine. However, I could see how perhaps a person might want to switch out knobs for metal ones, as I did on my V7. The V7's plastic knobs really are basic plastic. I am sticking with these knobs on my M7 though. I never noticed until a week ago, but while the M7 gig bag looks identical to the one aV7 comes in, it is actually slightly smaller since the bass is slightly shorter in overall body size. The gig bags are not interchangeable. Nice to see a review of the M7, the Sire thread poll indicates at least 26 of us have one, but I don't read much talk about them here, oddly. Mostly V7 chatter.