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SKB PS-55 Stagefive Professional Pedal Board

  • Pedal Type:

Recent Reviews

  1. Susqmike
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Nice space provided. Lots of configuration options. Cable tester.
    Cons - Noisy preamp, price/value
    I like the space and options this pedal board provided. I liked the sturdy hard shell case. It was expensive. Built-in "guitar buffer preamp"? No Way! Way noisy-horrible. I no longer even run pedals thru it but use it as a glorified power supply and case.
    They are no longer available for good reason! I'll keep mine but will remove the preamp and headphone power amp for less weight. I wouldn't have bought it had i known. Haha!-I see it available on amazon for $678.50! You've Gotta Be Kidding!...
    Price Paid:
    Too much! 350+
  2. sevdog
    "Don't Buy this hunk of junk"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Sturdy cover. Maybe I can dissasemble the thing and use the cover for a real pedal board.
    Cons - Couldn't fit them all in this box. See review below.

    This thing has been discontinued so I am posting this review as a warning to other TBers to not make a mistake and buy one of these used because it's cheap...it can't be cheap enough. DON'T BUY THIS. You will regret it.

    I can't even bring myself to post it in the classifieds because I'd feel guilty selling it to someone. I'm taking it to the pawn shop and getting whatever they'll give me for it. If they won't buy it, maybe I'll try to gut it and use the cover. I can't believe I let this sit in my studio for so long and now can't return it....definitely at least taking a chance and emailing SKB to ask for some sort of compensation, which is something I've never done with any product of any kind, ever.

    Take heed TBers. Stay away from this thing and get a real pedal board.


    On the surface it looks like (and was marketed as) a plug and play, all in one, pedal board solution. And that's what drew me to it. Unfortunately I bought the thing almost a year ago when I didn't really need it for a gig, so I recently sat down to actually put together a useful pedal board and literally had to stop.

    -not enought power sources and no way to expand. Though there are multiple types of power on the board, the different types actually take up too much space and end up not giving you what you probably need.
    -doesn't work with all power sources
    -Guitar input is at the top right of the board so as you move in front of it your cable will inevitably drag across the board, get caught on pedals, or get in the way of stomping. Who didn't think that one through?
    -The board itself feels really sturdy, it is so sturdy in fact that in being built too compactly, you can't get a patch cable looped under the pad(?) because it is too close to the bottom of the board. Anyone use straight cables on pedal boards? No, of course not! Did the designers even try the thing out?
    -There is no indicator that tells you whether you have power to the board or not. Amp companies figured out that was important in like 1972 or something.
    -I've also (since purchasing) read a number of reviews that there are problems with hum and other power sources issues. (I note these because I never even got to a point setting it up where those could be discovered).
    Price Paid:
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