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Sonic Farm Tantra Preamp

Amazing sounding and versatile bass preamp. Might be the ultimate amp with the optional Pascal power amp module installed.
Tantra Front.jpg

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  1. Power:
    The Sonic Farm Tantra is a very special piece of gear. It communicates a textural and dynamic depth of your playing that is simply amazing. I AB’d it with other famous preamps and amps I have and are just blown away by what I can hear AND feel in my playing by comparison.

    Is it versatile? Yes. Is it as complicated as it looks? Not really. If you read the manual and take the time to learn how it's various options function it becomes very intuitive. Capable of creating all kinds of classic amp grind, harmonically rich saturation, warm clarity, accurate but not clinical sounds. You name it.......

    The compressor is very musical with no discernible impact on tone or noise floor. Low/high boost adds a musically rich touch of broad boost with a bit of color which I frequently just leave on. Compressor at 50%, low/high in and I'm 90% of the way there. 5 band parametric EQ is very transparent and good for both shaping and corrective eq. Many other useful, cool features - high pass filter, harmonic generator, triode/pentode topology switch etc.

    I have the 1000w Pascal power amp module installed, and it slams! I compared the power amp section by itself and it won hands down against some big names.

    I use it for both upright and electric basses with a Barefaced cab live and direct. Both modern active and vintage passive basses. Have had it for about year and can't imagine ever selling it. Worth every penny. I will probably add it my will to make sure it goes to a good home if something should happen to me

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