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Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass V

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  1. WMaurice
    Incredible Bass
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Jun 15, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Value, build quality, great feel, great looks
    • - Perfect tone will need work-understandable
    I bought this bass strictly for practice. My expectations were cautiously low. But, the very minute I saw the entire bass, I was blown away. As I played it, the set up was actually perfect, even reminded me of my Lakland 55-02. It feels like Fender high quality. The tone is more than acceptable, although more mid range-ish. I had to play around with the 3 bands to get my sound. Over the past 15 years, I have owned some disappointing basses, especially at the lower price points, and even at higher prices. This bass is not a beginner quality instrument, if that was what the intent. It is unmatchable in value.

    The output of the preamp is pretty impressive, very clean. Preamps, I am a Nordstrander, so I might eventually switch it out as my only modification. I mainly tried it with some gospel sounds to begin with. And this morning I tried some blues, R&B, and some funkier styles. The slap tone made me work hard with the tone shaping knobs. Otherwise, it held up very well with the Latin grooves last night too. Don't be fooled by the single pickup. The placement of the pickup is perfect, not too close to the bridge, but more towards the middle. I play with my fingers but I think this bass will be useful for any style of playing. Purposefully, I will try as many different strings 'til I get the ideal sound.

    The body is just flawless. I have had Laklands that were not sold as B-Stock that should have been, which I determined by close inspection. I looked at this bass closely to find imperfections. I ran my fingers very carefully all over the body, feeling for flaws. I saw none, and felt none.

    The maple neck on basses is slick, unlike my Laklands, more like my custom Carvins. The fret work is top quality, no sharp edges, none! With the maple fret board, it's brighter toned. So without the right strings, in may not be great for every application though. The string spacing feels like it is between 18 or 19, likely 19. The spacing at the bridge is something I value very much.

    I am happy that I bought this keeper. It will get some playing for certain, I don't mean just for practice.
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    Bass Wood
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    Squier fans can now get the great look, sound and playability of Fenders pro-level Dimension basses in the sleek five-string form of the Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass V. With a comfortable offset body, fast maple neck, single high-output humbucking pickup with 3-band EQ, and a rock-solid Fender Hi-Mass bridge, it delivers ultimate 5-string bass sound and performance with all the terrific value Squier players have loved all along. With these and other fine features, its a whole new Dimension in Squier bass excellence.
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