Squier Vintage Modified Jazz 70's

4.6/5, 4.6 from 9 reviews
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  1. A. D. Fairhurst
    Only very small problems
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 12, 2017
    Build Quality:
    • + -As good a Jazz as anyone could possibly need -Great tone and playability -Looks cool as absolute hell and stands out brilliantly
    • - -When it comes to tone and pickup blend, it is all or nothing (see review)
    After renouncing Jazz basses for a few years, I eventually pulled a Darth Vader and went from the mellow tones of the Precision to the gnarly bite of its two pickup cousin. This was the best-looking Squier bass I have ever seen, as the neck is a ravishing aged yellow colour and the blackguard/white finish go together perfectly, so I bought it.
    If you've played a Jazz bass before, you know what to expect from this: nice scooped, slap-ready sound with both pickups, mellow, almost Precision-like tone from the neck pickup, and honky, barky Jaco tone from the bridge pickup. It sounds and plays as well as any Fender this side of £2,000 and I have only experienced two issues with it so far:
    1-the jack socket came loose and, at some point, twisted round. This snapped one of the wires off the socket and it broke down at the start of a gig. Luckily I had my green Aria for backup and I work in a music shop so I managed to get it resoldered promptly. Then again, I suppose this could happen to any bass.
    2-the tone knob has very little effect until it's right the way down, where you will notice a sudden treble roll-off. There is no in-between. A similar thing happens when trying to blend pickups: if both are on and you try to roll one back a touch, you only need to turn the knob back very slightly for the pickup to suddenly drop out. However, when the pickup is running by itself, the volume knob works as you would expect (nice, even roll off all the way down). I intend to remedy this by installing a stack-knob configuration off ebay.
    So aside from those two issues, it works and plays exactly as a Jazz bass should. I highly recommend! (I have included some live shots of me playing this bass so you can appreciate how much it stands out on a stage. Please note that I have replaced the stock silver knobs with some regular black Jazz bass knobs from a friend's old Squier he took apart.)
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