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T.C. Electronic BG250-112

  • Power:
    250 watts RMS, Class D
    one 12" woofer + one 1"x1" piezo tweeter
    35.6 pounds
    one 1/4" input + one 3.5mm aux input + USB input
    one XLR balanced DI output + one 3.5mm headphone output
    EQ / Controls:
    bass: cut @ 80Hz/boost @ 100Hz
    mid: cut @ 500Hz/boost @ 800Hz
    treble: cut @ 1,800Hz/boost @ 2,500Hz
    $350 (street)
    Other Specs:
    built-in tuner, mute button

Recent Reviews

  1. Remyd
    "Flexiblity is key"
    Build Quality:
    I'm a bassist, but not just the one kind. This combo is so good that I ditched my preamp. Honestly the best combo <$500 I've EVER heard

    Double bass is my main squeeze, but it's a hard instrument to amplify and the TC does a great job. I double on bass guitar for more modern styles, and it pairs up to a Marshall half stack at a loud blues gig like a champ. Recently got a uke bass, and dialing it in took less than 10 minutes.

    Love the tone controls, almost never use the effects except a teeny bit of tube sim on heavy stuff. Light and portable and loud and it just straight up sounds great.
    Price Paid:
  2. Low84
    "So much bang for the buck!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Fantastic value, class D power, built-in effects that are uploaded with smartphone, built-in tuner, direct output
    Cons - Not expandable by extension cabinet, no attenuator on the tweeter, a built-in kickstand for angling would've been a nice add
    Nearly three years after buying the T.C. Electronic BG250-112 combo and I'm still quite impressed! Out the door at one of the big box music stores for $350 and I've got a sweet, Class D, 1x12 combo.

    Basic features of these combos (available in a variety of speaker sizes, by the way) include input, gain control, bass/mid/treble controls and master volume.

    Many folks gush over the built-in Toneprint effects on the BG250 line and yes, they're quite slick! Here's how it works: you download the free app to your smartphone and with it, you're able to browse all of the available effects for the BG250 line. Once you find one you like, you upload it to one of two Toneprint storage locations located on the amp. How do you make this transfer? First, you plug your bass into the BG250 turn everything on as if you're going to play. Next, you select which of the two Toneprint storage locations on the BG250 (think of these as the "destination" location for the effect you choose). Then, after selecting an effect, you hold your smartphone's speaker over the pickups on your bass... the app makes a tone... the tone is picked up by the pickups on your bass... and that is what transfers the effect to the amp's Toneprint storage location! Sounds crazy, yes... and I suppose you have to experience it firsthand to understand how it works, but it's quite unique and very crafty! Once transferred, the effect will stay in the amp until it's replaced with another you upload. Upload and replace as many times as you like! Power the amp off and on and the effects stay! Each Toneprint storage location has one on/off button and one knob to control effect strength -- simple yet it's all you need.

    An always-on tuner (capable of picking up a 5-string's low B), XLR output and mute button round out the other great features on the BG250 combos. Another sign-of-the-times feature includes the USB port that is used for uploading new firmware to the amp (yes, it's come to that, folks!)

    Check out the BG250 combos, especially the 112 (1x12) model. 12-inch speakers are simply fantastic and often overlooked for bass guitarists. The 12 isn't just for the 6-stringers, folks and they provide a great mix of punch and bass. I think you'll like it!
    Price Paid:


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  1. TB24
    I liked this amp alot, especially the ToneprintApp that came with it. Loved being able to dial in the tone on my iPhone. It was a tough debate as I like 1x12 over 2x10 speakers, but I ultimately ended up going with the Fender Rumble 500 just because I wanted a little more wattage. I then added the Fender Rumble 112 Cab witch gave me the best of both worlds. Outside of that, in one neat package, I would buy this amp with no regrets. There several great review videos on Youtube, Here's a couple of favs. Ida Nielsen (Prince,3rdEyeGirl) , and BG overall line review.

  2. davidgoldman
    I have been using one for small gigs and practice. So far so good. The amp has a full boomy tone and has plenty of volume when using my active bass. Less so with my passive. I enjoy messing with the effects as I don't normally use them. Over all it is a good bang for the buck.
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