• Power:
    250w 8Ohms
    1 - 12" TC Electronics Driver and 1 - 1" Tweeter
    18" x 14.8" x 21.3"
    1/4" input
    1/4" foot pedal, USB output and 1/8" headphone out, XLR Balanced
    EQ / Controls:
    Volume, Low, Mid, High, Master Volume and 2 Tone Print Circut knobs
    Other Specs:
    [B]Intelligent EQ Section[/B]
    Cut and Boost at Different Frequencies
    Bass: Cut@80Hz / [EMAIL]Boost@100Hz[/EMAIL]
    Mid: Cut@500Hz / [EMAIL]Boost@800Hz[/EMAIL]
    Treble: Cut@1,800Hz / Boost@2,500Hz
    Rehearsal Input - Playback through Speaker or Headphones
    Balanced DI Out - Seamless Recording or PA Output
    Headphone output - Silent Rehearsal
    Footswitch (optional)
    [B]TonePrint Enabled[/B]
    6 Effect Types (Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato,Octaver, SpectraComp, Bass Drive)
    TonePrints are made by some of the world's best bass players includingNathan East, Mark King, Duff McKagan, Richard Bona and many more
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Recent Reviews

  1. DirtDog
    "Good small amp"
    Pros - Lightweight
    Cons - OK tone, the TonePrint feature wasn't all that useful
    Nice smaller amp in a decent form factor. Lightweight, can carry with one hand down a set of stairs easily. Volume good for rehearsal or small club. TonePrint feature didn't seem to work properly.
    Price Paid:
  2. fourtet102
    "Light, loud with great sound."
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Responsive and sensitive EQ, great loaded compressor, loud
    Cons - None
    I've been using this amp 4-6 days a week for over 2 years. I bought it as practice combo which later on was promoted to my outdoor gig amp. Great sound, super light and rigid. I spilled all kinds of liquids on it and still it performs great in 100F down to 38F weather. Greats sounding out which I recorded hundreds times. Highly recommended.
    Price Paid:
  3. nolezmaj
    "Decent combo with nice options"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Light weight, looks good, GREAT additional features.
    Cons - A bit muddy tone, lack of headroom, EQ hard to get used to.
    Got this combo secondhand, not much used and in great condition. Got warned from seller that it has "chinese 250W", didn't really understand what he meant until I bought it to a loud rehersal.
    This combo just couldn't keep up. With gain set properly (up until clip light comes on, than back down a little) and even EQ flat, amp would cut-out for a few seconds with master set on 6.
    Combo sounds OK when master is set on 4 or lower, a bit muddy but OK, EQ is unusual and takes a little to get used to, but works. Seems to me it was adapted for Jazz type of bass.
    Features are GREAT! Tuner is very good and gig-worthy, and 2xTonePrint effects are future! Good job TC, keep working.
    All in all, I could recomend this combo to home and small coffeshop musician - if they dig vintage-sounding equipment. Anything louder than that, even loud rehersal, and this combo won't cut it.


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  1. Low84
    I'm a big fan of this one! a ton of bang for the buck! 12-inch speakers RULE!!!
  2. Foeredetting
    I got the BG250-208 and I'm very pleased. It's obviously not very loud by itself but it can handle an additional 8 ohm speaker, or you can easily disconnect the internal speakers in favour of any 4 ohm speaker configuration. With that it's loud enough. I actually use some of the tone prints, like the multi band compressor. Also I like the pre/post EQ line out and the 11 Kg weight. Very quiet fan so it's very suitable for bedroom rehersal.
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