Visual Sound (now Truetone) Route 66

  • Pedal Type:
    Overdrive and compression
    1 9V
    4-6 swallows (European), or one large crow (US)
    5.5"W x 6.5"L x 1.5"D
    1/4 inch
    1/4 inch
    Best feature: OD Bass boost! In my old version, it's a switch, in new version it's a knob, probably even better. OD side has drive tone and vol control. Comp side has sustain, tone, and gain. 2 foot switches.
    Other Specs:
    Old one Looks like home plate... pretty weird. The new version is a very exotic "rectangular" style.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nickweissmusic
    "OD pedal that kills on bass"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Perfect bass OD- subtle to nasty with zero loss of low end possible.
    Cons - Expensive, big. Compressor raises noise floor significantly so not a great clean boost in the studio, live it's acceptable.
    Well, I don't think it was created for bass, but its hands down the best bass OD I've ever heard or used. Can get filthy, and the bottom doesn't drop out when you kick it in if set properly. I've literally had a sound guy applaud when I kicked it in at a sound check.

    As a former music retail employee, I've tried 16,389,402 bass OD pedals, and stopped my search around the year 2000 or so when I found this gem. Their novel innovation: OD bass boost. Wow, seems obvious that adding back in what seems to get cut with most OD's, even those made for bass, would be a no brainer, but I know of no other pedal that does so. Granted, I haven't looked in years, seeing as I'm perfectly happy with what I have. The only thing that even came close was my bass pod pro, where you could set up a separate patch with OD and bass boosted.

    I often use it without using the compression side at all, especially when recording. The compressor is quite noisy, but can be used for a clean-ish boost, and when used with the OD side, sustain for days. Here's my demo of it:
    Price Paid:
    Can't remember
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