Voodoo Lab - Pedal Power 2 Plus

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Isolated Power Supply

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  1. Nightman
    Ideal for what I was looking for!!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 15, 2018
    Previously, I was using multiple power adapters for the various pedals requiring different voltages, which required a power strip or two to accommodate the adapters. Wires all over the place!! I read about Voodoo Lab and the Power 2 Plus and jumped on it!! I got the Dingbat Pedalboard, which comes with the Power 2 Plus installed and all the cables I needed. Yep, it does its job for what I was looking for and got a T-shirt IMG_0616.jpg !!
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    1. gjohnson441496
  2. gjohnson441496
    Works As Described
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Dec 10, 2017
    Build Quality:
    • + All 8 outputs can be used for 9v DC voltage pedals. All outputs are isolated. Very effective in eliminating noise.
    • - Price
    I was hesitant to buy this unit as I was comparing it to the Truetone CS7 1 Spot Pro Power Supply for price and specs (price and specs of the Truetone CS7 1 Spot Pro Power Supply appear better). However, I decided to purchase the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power® 2 PLUS because:
    1. It is widely used and praised by many
    2. I traded a bass cabinet that I didn't need which covered the cost of it and an SM58 microphone.
    3. It was in stock.

    After now having the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus for approximately 2 months I am very happy with my purchase. The main reason is because it GREATLY reduces ground loops and interaction between pedals that cause hum and noise, which is honestly the only thing I wanted it for. As a guitar and bass player, I use distortion and overdrive pedals that, before having this unit, made me cringe when turning up the volume. The Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus works as describes and is very effective in eliminating noise.

    Furthermore, I can plug my Vox NT15CI tube guitar amp into it with no problems. The Vox voltage is rated at 120V 60Hz 100W. The Voodoo Labs manual says " AC auxiliary. This is a courtesy AC outlet for convenient powering of AC powered effects or a MIDI foot controller. Note the 200 watt maximum rating. Do NOT plug in your amp here!" I called Voodoo Labs and spoke to Ben. Ben is THE Voodoo Labs tech guy. If you call them, you will get him. He assured me that its ok to plug my specific amp into the AC auxiliary of the Power 2 Plus. He also told me that they put the Note in place because musicians were powering complete stage rigs through it. So my one little 15 watt tube guitar amp is no problem. I haven't experienced any abnormalities as of yet, but if I do, Ben told me to call him and he will rectify the situation.

    All 8 outputs can be used for 9v DC voltage pedals.
    1 - 4 outputs are for 100 mA only
    5 - 6 outputs can be used for 250 mA pedals
    7 - 8 outputs can be used for 100mA with an adjustable 4volt - 9 volt SAG (variable voltage
    to simulate worn batteries).
    All outputs are isolated.
    Customer support is excellent.
    Price Paid:
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Item Details

  1. Price:
    Isolated outputs
    Short-circuit protection
    Toroidal transformer
    Powers up to 8 pedals