Warwick Corvette Standard

4.9/5, 4.9 from 28 reviews
  1. Joe Nerve
    Heavy and deep
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 2, 2016
    Build Quality:
    • + Bass feels absolutely amazing.
    • - Weighs a ton.
    This was my first "real" bass, or first bass costing over a few hundred bucks. The one I had was Bubinga with a Wenge neck, and active MECs. I believe it was a '98.

    The bass had awesome action and played like a dream. I felt it almost had a spirit to it, maybe due to the woodiness and love I put into it waxing and doting over it. Anyhow, I originally bought the bass because I wanted a bass with lots of bottom, and this one couldn't be beat. Not even by Warwicks costing $1000 more. I was fortunate to be able to check out a whole bunch of Warwicks at the time of purchase in the old sound room of Rudy's Music in NYC, with the help of an ace sales dude that's no longer there. The room is no longer their either... anyhow, money wasn't an issue for me at the time. I wanted a deep and dark sounding bass, and this one had that in spades.

    What I didn't realize at the time of purchase was that it also weighed quite a bit, and what I found was it was a bit difficult to mix in with the band when I started gigging with it. There was a lot of boom, and sizzle, and not a whole lot in between. It was tough to eq it where it wasn't either booming or clacking, and it was only on rare occasions that I got it to sit in the mix as I wanted it to. That and the weight are what eventually got me to sell mine. I later bought a Fortress one, which gave me all I hoped the Corvette would have. It has a little less low end, but site much more nicely in the mix and isn't a back breaker.

    One thing I absolutely loved about the Corvette was the tone I got out of it in the studio. The entire All We Want Is Fun CD linked on the page below was recorded on the Warwick. Road Rage is one of my favs on that album.

    Price Paid:
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