Yamaha Sessioncake Sc01

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  1. lark_z
    OK, but not with Aux input...
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Dec 18, 2020
    Build Quality:
    • + Build
    • - Lack of tone adjustment
    Unit was tested with a passive Fender split-coil P-bass pickup, Precision bass and 4 month old Fender flats. Both volume and tone at 10. Only one unit was tested, so no comments on the "chaining" ability.

    First the good:
    • As expected from Yamaha, the build quality looks very good. Feels substantial. All knobs and pots function well.
    • Unit is simple to use, the two knobs on the left affect only your sound. The two on the right adjust the sound from the others.
    • With bass only, the tone is nice and "bassy", plenty of volume.
    Now the bad:
    • Tone gets a bit distorted at higher volumes. Not terribly so, but a noticeable amount.
    • Adding the AUX input using my phone playing mp3 files reveals a problem. I cannot hear myself. Adjusting everything does not help other than turning the Aux down very low. At that point, it's barely usable. Comparing this to my other headphone amp, the bass signal from the Yamaha is too "bassy". There is no tone adjustment. I cannot bring the bass guitar up "out of the mix", which I believe some treble and mids would do.

    Very disapointed. Returned it for a refund.
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    A Portable, lightweight, battery powered device for creating, collaborating and mixing
    Plug in your guitar or bass guitar (Hi-Z input)
    Jam with your friends
    Jam or practice with iOS apps
    Mix your own session
    Input (standard phone, Hi-Z), phones, chain x 2 (stereo mini), aux (4-pole mini)
    No amp, no cabinet, no pedals… just a guitar or bass, some headphones, and SessionCake SC-01 are all you need for intensive individual practice or a full-blown rehearsal or jam session. Connect up to 8 SessionCakes together to create a fully featured mixing system where everyone can create the mix that works for them. Portable, lightweight, battery powered, and equipped with a Hi-Z input, the SC-01 also features an AUX-in port that allows you to use an iOS device as an effector, or play along with your music library. Untitled.png