Zoom B-3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator Pedal

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A book sized, digital multi- effects pedal/ amp modeling unit

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  1. LHbassist
    KILLER multi effects unit
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 28, 2016
    Build Quality:
    • + So many effects and amp models- that you will NEVER use them all. DEAD quiet, total quality all the way.
    • - Cannot easily switch effects units in the one standard patching you may be in ... you must switch to another patch name. Not that big a deal. There IS a learning curve with it.
    I had an anvil case with a Radial Tonebone Bassbone, a Korg Pitchblack tuner, a Boss Chorus, and a Digitech Bass Synth. I used a Power strip, and a 9v power supply with many output plugs, and a bunch of patch cables to connect all of them together. Even with the best cables and 1/4" phone jacks money can buy utilized, this SMALL pedal board was as much of a problem as dating a hot redhead. I had to frequently repair the connecting cables, even though none of them were ever touched.
    It also weighed about 30 pounds with all the accessories in it.
    The B-3 replaced all of them. In one much lighter unit. No more problems. And, the effects sound so much better, it's amazing. Especially the bass synth ones! All of what I need to play anywhere now resides in a Go-Pro camera case, and in a larger HP laptop bag that holds extension cables and a music book. All of it is half the size of my old Anvil, and a lot less weight.

    Be advised, that for some stupid reason, Zoom decided to omit the DI out on the newer models. I LOVE the DI out- because it made this unit my one unit to use on in ear gigs feeding one signal- my own- to the house.
    Price Paid:
    $125.00 used
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Item Details

  1. Pedal Type:
    Multi- effects
    4- AA
    about $199.
    DI BOX- the most important feature of this pedal! Amazing number of effects and amp modelings!