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Zoom B-3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator Pedal

  • Pedal Type:
    Multi- effects
    4- AA
    not much
    about $199.
    DI BOX- the most important feature of this pedal! Amazing number of effects and amp modelings!

Recent Reviews

  1. LHbassist
    "KILLER multi effects unit"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - So many effects and amp models- that you will NEVER use them all. DEAD quiet, total quality all the way.
    Cons - Cannot easily switch effects units in the one standard patching you may be in ... you must switch to another patch name. Not that big a deal. There IS a learning curve with it.
    I had an anvil case with a Radial Tonebone Bassbone, a Korg Pitchblack tuner, a Boss Chorus, and a Digitech Bass Synth. I used a Power strip, and a 9v power supply with many output plugs, and a bunch of patch cables to connect all of them together. Even with the best cables and 1/4" phone jacks money can buy utilized, this SMALL pedal board was as much of a problem as dating a hot redhead. I had to frequently repair the connecting cables, even though none of them were ever touched.
    It also weighed about 30 pounds with all the accessories in it.
    The B-3 replaced all of them. In one much lighter unit. No more problems. And, the effects sound so much better, it's amazing. Especially the bass synth ones! All of what I need to play anywhere now resides in a Go-Pro camera case, and in a larger HP laptop bag that holds extension cables and a music book. All of it is half the size of my old Anvil, and a lot less weight.
    Price Paid:
    $125.00 used


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  1. chadhargis
    I've been using the B3 for nearly 3 years. I'm not much of an effect guy. Just a little tube emulation and some compression is all I typically run...but if you wanna go effect crazy...this is your pedal!

    The DI is wonderful. Very high output. So much so that I have to tell sound guys to turn the bass channel down before we do a sound check as the last guy probably had a weak sauce DI. The B3 is quiet (unless you dial up some god awful distortion or something). I typically run the Fender Bassman amp sim, and had the opportunity to try it against an actual Bassman head. It was pretty dang spot on.

    The software is easy to use if you want to build your own custom patches. The tuner works great and you can tune is silence if you desire. There is a beat machine built in for practice as well as a looper. It will run on 9V, battery, or USB power. I purchased the effect/volume pedal for it which is really nice for fade ins and outs as well as muting between songs.

    I know lots of folks poo-poo the B3 as being some sort of toy, but it's a great piece of kit. Below are some samples I recorded through the B3 out to Garage Band. There is no processing in Garage Band and the basses are full up tone control for the passive basses and EQ is flat on the active basses. You're hearing strings, pickups, and the B3. I am running the Bassman sim with a DBX 160 compressor sim. That's it.

  2. musicman7722
    I use one and I love it. replaced all my pedals and SABBDI
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