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Zoom B3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator

  • Pedal Type:
    4 X AA
    2.64 lbs
    6.69" x 9.21" x 2.12"
    1x instrument
    2 x 1/4", 1 x XLR
    Super-real amp modeling
    Accurate, realtime Tuner function
    ZFX-IV effects processor
    Looper function with 40-second phrase recording/overdubbing
    USB audio interface for DAW recording
    Built-in drum machine with 40 different rhythm patterns
    Balanced XLR output for DI use
    Accurate, realtime Tuner function
    World's fastest patch change speed of 1ms
    Runs on AA batteries, AC adapter or USB power

Recent Reviews

  1. Big Hoss
    "Easy to use, fantastic sound, so / so visibility."
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Lots of effects, very good sound, excellent amp / cab simulation, headphone practice, drum loops, super easy to use.
    Cons - Displays are a little small for those of us visually impaired, small controls on the floor for fine tuning.
    Get it dialed in, build you patches and you can cycle through them with ease on the fly. Tuner is excellent and fast, sounds great, and the selection of effects is fantastic. It could use a built in expression pedal like the guitar version gets, but there is an input for one.

    My only gripe, is the displays are somewhat smallish, meaning we have to really focus to make sure I am picking the right effect... But those with 20/20 won't have an issue...
    Price Paid:
    $150.00 used.
  2. cool12y
    "My First ME Pedal"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Value For Money!

    Build Quality is pretty strong

    Great Colour

    Screens are of (surprisingly) great quality

    Spoiled with options

    Looper works well!
    Cons - Does NOT come with a USB Cable (It uses a Type a --> Type B, the ones used in a printer)

    The buttons (for stomping on) are, IMO, too small. Not unusable, but there seems to be no reason they couldn't be larger sized (like Boss's), I guess it's a matter of getting used to.

    No 1/4 Cable (but that was kinda expected)

    No option with in - built expression pedal
    This is my first ME pedal for Bass and otherwise. So i'm in no way an expert.

    Okay you've probably heard people raving about this thing online. Obviously, it's really, really good and probably the best for the price.

    Build Quality and Appearance
    All Metal. Very heavy and bulky (in terms of it's size, of course; otherwise it is incredibly light if you compare it to some other ME pedals.) The colour is a Maroon-ish colour with a black base, which looks pretty good in my eyes.

    Sounds good to my ears. I'm a beginner (at least for the Bass) so all the weird sounds are new to me. Make sure you connect it to Left channel if you're connecting it Mono/Headphones.

    MANY! You can go and change each and every part of each effect, which I can't even comprehend in the little time i've spent with it. The Amp Sims sound distinct from each other. As others have said, Distortion isn't as good, but with a bit of tweaking it can be pretty good as well (at least i've been told)

    Yes, you can easily change and switch between patches. Albeit the B3 seems to be more of a individual pedal sim than a traditional ME pedal, you can easily get into the patch mode and switch between patches. (You literally have to hold the left most stomp button for a second.)

    Really, Really Nice. Even works with guitar! You can't get more accurate than this. Also how you get into bypass mode (not true bypass mode.)


    I tried it for like 10 minutes and I got the hang of it! I really like it and I guess this is my favourite feature of the B3. Upto 40 seconds, which is pretty overkill, and it works well with the rhythm feature as well.

    About the buttons...
    The quality is top - notch, but I just don't like the single button layout of the stomp buttons (or whatever they're called). Even the Zoom B1 has the wider buttons. It's really not a problem if you're standing, but I like sitting down while using the looper, and it seems a bit awkward. I guess this is just rambling and I just have to get used to it.

    What about your inner Slash?
    It does work with Guitars as well (Guitar --> B3 --> Guitar Amp). Effects may not be super good, but looper works O.K. with the guitar.

    All in all a great buy. Mostly for jamming and practice and messing about.

    Thank you for your time!
    Price Paid:
    $195 (Rs. 13,102 INR)
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  3. musicman7722
    "great unit"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - It's all here. I stopped using my SABDDI as this was just as good.
    Cons - Well my first one wore out and got noisy so I just got a new one and it is great.
    I couldn't play without this little guy and I only have one setting.
    Price Paid:


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  1. musicman7722
    I run the DI out to the board which sits on my bass amp. I take a spare aux out from the board and plug it into my amp pre dsp. This saves me having to run a 1/4" to my amp. Great unit. Get one soon.
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  2. Puma
    I love mine!
  3. utku
    what ia the alternetives of this one do you think (same price ) i need a multi effect p.a.
  4. ddezz
    Have one and use it for practice at home. An inexpensive alternative to lots of pedals. has drum which makes for a good metronome. Octave no where near my Boss pedal.
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