Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass 66 Bass Guitar Strings - Standard Gauge
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Ratings and Reviews of Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass 66 Bass Guitar Strings - Standard Gauge

Score: 4.44 (votes: 9)
Reviews: 8
Score: 4.44 (votes: 9)
Reviews: 8
Rating of votes (9)
Customer reviews
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  • TimE75
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:13
    A good affordable string, Rotosound do make good strings but I just prefer Nickel, thought I'd try the steel, but they are very touchy I thought, alot of finger noise comes through. Will return to Nickel but that's just me.
  • KeddyLee
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:13
    I do a Rush tribute so that aggressive growl is a necessity. These strings deliver and they are all I use!
  • MovingPitchers
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:13
    I really like these strings; they're my go-to strings on my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. However, I had to buy at least four sets because they die rather quickly. I try to keep them on for at least 4-5 months before I change them out.

    They're also great on my Precision Bass; with the split-coil pickup, it really adds to the Precision Bass tone!

    Price kind of sucks for how short they last, but man, are they worth it!!!!!!!
  • semorecox
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:12
    I trust my guitar shop guy because I consider him a friend and he provides me with these strings. best choice ever. more precise tuning than any other strings.
  • amusicalperson
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:12
    I would consider these as the first "real" set of strings I purchased. After doing some research I realized a lot of the players I really admired when I was starting out played Rotosounds. I'm not one to copy directly off another player but I figured if this many pros used Rotosounds that Rotosound must be doing something right. Like mentioned earlier, I have yet to find a string that has felt better in my hands than these do. They seem to be a slightly smaller gauge than what comes stock on Fenders. Not enough to really create a tonal difference but just enough to increase playability. As all strings are, they are bright out of the box and took quite a while to "deaden up". I like the sound of "dead" strings because I dislike excessive string noise (I currently play Roto flats to remedy this problem) so this a problem for me but for anyone who likes bright strings, these stay bright for a while. I have a set that is a few years old and still play amazingly. All in all, these are a great set of strings for the money and I advise everyone should at least try a set out for themselves!
  • lee m
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:12
    When I first started playing bass I purchased these because I never knew what to buy, I tried other strings but always go back to them. But if you want the best out of them then start with clean hands and I often use alcohol hand rub too. And look after strings with a good string cleaner, they'll last longer/stay brighter for longer.
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:11
    I have been using Rotosound Swing Bass for over 35 yrs now. The bright, piano like tone is what keeps me coming back time and time again.
    A time tested legend in the bass string community, The Swing Bass series of strings from James Howe Industries have delivered a consistent tone since their appearance on the english market back in 1966 when Who bassist John Entwistle approached Rotosound about wanting a heavy gauge round wound string.
    Enough of the history lesson...
    What I like about the Swing Bass is their bright and punchy sound, ever consistent from set to set and string to string. The tension on these strings are even across all four gauges, making for a comfortable feel that doesn't yield much fatigue on long gig sets or aggressive playing techniques. The stainless steel wrap can be rather rough on fingers and fretboards (especially fretless ones) so if you plan on using these exclusively you may find your self doing a re-fret or having your fingerboard re-planed/replaced. Relax, I'm not talking every other year or so....!
    But if you're just starting out on out for those blisters!
    A particularly snappy sound can be coxed from these strings especially on active basses with maple necks. remember Rush's Moving Pictures? For years many folks (my self included) believed the album to have been recorded with a Rickenbacker 4001 which delivers a unique tone with growly mids and buzzsaw lows. In actuality the recordings where done with a Fender Jazz Bass with a maple neck strung with RotoSound Swing Bass. A classic album with a truly classic sound.
    The price point on Swing Bass strings have come down considerably since the mid 80's. I remember paying as much as $40 a set back then! Now you can find them for as low as $18 for a 4 string set.
  • MasonMinor
    Aug 13, 2016, 13:11
    All in all, amazing sound, not the best longevity around, but decent. Great for rock and sound great on a Jazz bass!