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Lull may refer to:
In economy
In music
Lull (band), a musical project by Mick Harris.
Lull (EP), an EP by the Smashing Pumpkins
"Lull" (song), a song by Andrew Bird
"Lull", a song by Radiohead, a B-side to "Karma Police"
Auburn Lull, an American dream pop / space rock group
Saint Lullus (c.710–786), English bishop, also referred to as Lull or Lul
Edward P. Lull, Commander of Alaska, USA, in 1881
R. S. Lull (1867–1957), American palaeontologist
Timothy Lull (1943–2003), American Lutheran minister and scholar
Ramon Llull, philosopher
Arthur de Lull (or de Lulli), pseudonym of Euphemia Allen
Richard Swann Lull, paleontologist
Lull, a brand of reach forklift built by JLG Industries
Lull, the time of year named from between Christmas and the new year

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