TRADED ‘92 American P-Bass Plus “Longhorn”/Blue Pearl Burst/100% original including Fender “Chainsaw” Case

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  1. Cutter8

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    Feb 4, 2018
    This is a fantastic 1992 Fender American Precision Bass Plus that is 100% original and in excellent condition, with the original fitted Fender “chainsaw” HSC.

    Alder body w/ Blue Pearl Burst finish
    22-fret Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard
    1.6” width at the nut
    Fender Lace Sensor pickups
    3-way Toggle Pickup Switch
    2-Position Push/Push Series Parallel Switch
    Series/Parallel push button S-1 switch
    Master Volume, Master TBX Tone Controls
    Schaller Elite fine-tuning bridge
    .8”/21mm string spacing
    Original Fender “Chainsaw” hardshell case in A+ condition w/manual, tags and key (these cases were specifically fitted for the 22-fret neck and extended horn of the P-Bass Plus)
    Strung with a barely broken-in set of TI Jazz Flats

    I truly adore this bass, but the 20mm string spacing is too wide for me (I’m most comfortable with 17.5mm spacing or even narrower, and 18.5-19mm is my outer limit). I had planned on putting a American Deluxe Jazz neck and BadAss Bridge on it to narrow the spacing, but I couldn’t bring myself to defile a Longhorn this nice.

    I would like to trade for a medium scale bass (32”-33” scale), with a strong preference for Muckelroys. I would also consider trading for the right “34 scale 4-string, but it needs to be under 8.5lbs with string spacing at the bridge no wider than 19mm. I’m open to MIA/MIJ Fenders (Precision or P/J preferred), U.S. EBMM’s, US. G&L’s, U.S. Lakland’s, German Warwicks, and various “Boutique” basses (e.g., Nash, Roscoe, Lull, F-Bass, etc.). That’s not an exclusive list, and you can certainly run other options by me. Worst case scenario is a polite “no, but thanks for the offer.” Willing to trade =/+/- cash as needed. I put the trade value of the Precision Plus in the $1,100-1,200 range.

    If you want to make an offer/propose a trade, please do it by sending me a PM. If you have a question or comment about the bass itself, feel free to post it in this thread.

    Thanks for looking!

    EDIT: Pics of the case are included in Post #3 of this thread.

    FBDBBDA6-2A04-4D76-8A57-BEF34B1551A8.jpeg 303AF55B-A90C-4C79-BF14-B7B003266FA1.jpeg F7B3FD16-B8C6-4207-8739-44A20B720D28.jpeg D944F92D-55D4-4235-8855-90B662FAF3BB.jpeg 07F44459-8A05-46D9-8672-45C3607135B9.jpeg 4732A4CF-33C0-4CA1-8489-713325E1B96C.jpeg DEFA9004-7784-49EF-A1FE-915B81177425.jpeg 098568C7-D87D-4C23-ABAD-F5BE2A97464D.jpeg 3474035C-1CD7-4934-873B-BCF4CAC70CE4.jpeg 7AF740E1-B430-468B-A37B-6849C1F5909F.jpeg 27F6DFAB-2444-418C-A243-18D84E15F69A.jpeg E7109594-CC9B-4FFE-B459-5CD684592EA7.jpeg 1CC7C8D9-54FA-4B77-93C3-CFA37A2DBE6C.jpeg 57103B40-AD1A-4A62-A482-D27EB8EE99F0.jpeg 7C64B09C-E4CF-45D6-AE4F-E966119E1A9D.jpeg 243FD729-EAC6-4B11-8493-DC8E336C786C.jpeg

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  2. iceboxbass

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Man! If I was a 4 string player I’d be all over this! What gorgeous bass in fantastic condition! GLWTS!
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  3. Cutter8

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    Feb 4, 2018
    I just realized that I neglected to include any pics of the case in the OP. It is in excellent condition (actually doesn’t appear to have been used), including case candy and key, and all the latches, feet, handle and badge are 100%:
    7337297A-ADC5-410F-BAEA-628843C45440.jpeg 23F6D86E-3799-4C76-B924-2D8E19C79B57.jpeg 1877E883-C68D-4D27-9218-8F52924F5817.jpeg E300AF7F-BFCA-4EA1-82D0-EF7F2023DAB2.jpeg E6E1755F-952E-422D-8121-35C5FF3E7751.jpeg F9B66DA0-FF45-439E-98A4-124113E8D4A1.jpeg E3C84874-8273-4BB8-99F8-3A3C735673E7.jpeg 70D3F31E-5544-4F3D-A815-D09D502791F8.jpeg D74E83FC-88B0-4CE6-9F1D-A3A6A3935ED3.jpeg C2FC20FE-725B-4AE8-8BB1-94B4C7EA509B.jpeg 64E7772B-A0A1-442C-B3AD-7DCB6ADFEF4B.jpeg 6B979883-F77F-4B1A-8CD6-6C3B82C658CA.jpeg
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  4. Cutter8

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    Feb 4, 2018
    I just double checked the width of the neck in response to a PM, and it is narrower than I originally thought. It is 1.6” at the nut (OP has been edited to reflect this).
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  5. groooooove

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    Dec 17, 2008
    Long Island, NY
    this is exactly the same as my first bass... mine was black.

    logged an insane number of miles on mine. these are real players.

    btw forget longhorn, we all know we call them boner basses around here :smug:

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  6. Mike44


    Jul 9, 2017
    I own the same 92 pearl blue reverse burst and you’re right it’s a great player!
    I’m also using flatwounds on it right now! Sweet!
    On the right is my 92 Jazz Boner bass, what a pair! Strung with roundwounds.
    And my Roscoe Beck Modern Jazz and it is a custom shop feeling bass with
    many tonal capabilities.


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