SOLD ‘98 Fender USA Dlxe J5 Suhr pups/pre

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    Apr 15, 2006
    0A4DD381-2342-46AA-A92F-427DABC0F48E.jpeg I love the sound of this era US Fenders decked out with Suhr pups and preamp, and this particular one in trans blue/rw is in impeccable shape, all original. I also have a trans red one that’s lighter and has been modded. This blue one is now FS and has no issues-minimal fretwear, rod works fine/low action, 9.2 lbs, swirling in the clearcoat but no boo boos. Comes with a new Lakland hard case. Currently wearing a new set of TI flats, which I love so much over these pups. 1400 USD shipped CONUS/ most of mainland CAN (far north/maritimes extra). She’s currently in Montreal/ discount for pickup. Only trade considered will be a later model Mesa Walkabout.

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