'08 MIA Fender Jazz 5 vs. Rumblefish 5L??

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  1. Kicking this one around... What are the differences (aside from the obvious aesthetic ones) between one of the new '08 MIA Fender Jazz 5's versus something like a Rumblefish 5L? Tonally, playability, versatility, etc. Obviously you see a ton more Fender's around, but the word on the 'Fishes is just grand from what I hear, too. Pros and cons of each? What would you go with for your style of play (and name your style if you don't mind)? Thanks low-enders...
  2. First thing I'd say is, there's really no such thing as "something like a Rumblefish 5." You've either got a Rumblefish or you don't. They really are unique.
    I've played a bunch of 5Ls, and I recently played an '08 Jazz 5. To my ears, the Reverend sounds bigger and fatter. Best open E I've ever heard on a 5-string, and the B string is tighter and more defined. And it has a three-way switch, so you'll get more tonal versaility than you would from a Jazz. Playability-wise, the Reverend has a 35" scale so that's something to consider. The new Fender necks are nice, but Reverend necks are just a cut above, IMO. And, they ain't makin' 'em anymore.
    The main "pro" of the Fender is, it's a Fender. The one I played was sunburst/tort/rosewood, and it just oozed vibe. There's just something about that combo. But, the Reverends are known far and wide for their extreme mojo. I'd say if you've got a line on one, grab it.
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    They're completely different from each other.

    Well, they both have 5 strings.
  4. Well I didn't exactly mean some other bass similar to a 5L...I meant a Rumblefish 5L. But I think you knew that... ;) Good info.

    As for Chef...well I think he knows the Fish I speak of, but that wasn't exactly the helpful answer I was looking for. I'd like the differences stated...comparisons, etc. Little more helpful than "They both have 5 strings" anyway...