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Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by veggieboy, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. I have TONS (38) of pictures, so just ask. they are all way to big to post on this thread. i bought the bass for $2300. it plays well concidering it has red label strings that are at least 7 years old. i live just outside of albany NY, so if you are in the area you can come try it out. it comes with a padded bag, and a fishman pickup (i will admit that the pickup sucks, but hay, its better than nothing!). there are quite a few sratches and dings, but nothing really serius.

    the short string length (38") makes it easy to play if you have small hands. it also makes it possible to finger like a cello or electric bass (one finger per half step).

    i took low quality pictures so i could post it with the measurments. (open the thumbnails)

    it is a very well made bass. the nut and finger board are ebony. the tailpiece is hardwood.

    i will not accept trades.

    email me at veggieboy20002000@yahoo.com or PM me to setup a time to try it out.

    i would prefer the buyer to come pick it up at my house rather than shipping it, but if shipping is the only option that is up to you.


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  2. And... You are asking $?????
  3. about $2000, i can be flexable.
  4. That is 2000 with the case and pickup. if you need to ship the bass that is ok with me but you have to arange all of it and pay for all of it, the most that i will be willing to do in terms of shipping, is to drive it over to someone that you chose. (ignore the sentence about shipping in the first post)

    also, if you are someone that lives far away i could make an mp3 sample with my cheap little microphone and my computer but i am warning you that it wont sound very profesional coming from this tiny little peice of crap mic that came with my computer (but hay, its better than nothing)!
  5. here are some pictures to get your interest. the size limit of pictures you can post on TB will limit the quality, but i will post some just so you can get an idea. if you are in the slitest bit interested just leave me your email and i will send you the pictures that are REALLY REALLY GOOD quality. even if you are not interested in buying this bass i would still be more than happy to send you some pics.

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  6. i just finished recording a jazz track with my upright and i should get the CD soon, when i do i will have a high quality sample for anyone to hear.
    "all of me"
    - Djengo Reinhardt

    its all pizz, but it should give you an idea

    i should have the CD in a coulple of weeks