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1 amp, 2 channels, run 4 ohm cab and 8 ohm cab at once?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Special_Ed, May 1, 2005.

  1. Special_Ed


    Oct 3, 2004
    I have a carvin DCM 2000 that is a 2 channel amp.


    2000W bridged 4 ohms, 1400W bridged 8 ohms.
    • Continuous RMS per CH: 8 ohms 425w, 4 ohms 700w, 2 ohms 1000w.

    Now I have a Bag End 4 x 10 cab that is 8 ohms and can run 800 watts.

    Since my amp has 2 seperate channels....... Can I run my 8 ohm cab into the bag end, and a 4 ohm cab into the other channel?

    with 2 channels, can i run a 4 ohm cab in 1 channel, and an 8 ohm cab into the other?

    or...... do I need to pair my 8 ohm cab with another 8 ohm cab?
  2. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    Wait, you have 2 8 Ohm cabs? Or just one? In any case, each channel is like a seprate amp. You can run the 4 into one channel and the 8 into the other.
  3. Special_Ed


    Oct 3, 2004
    I have 1 8 ohm cab, and I want to add a 2 x 15 to it. I am trying to figure out if I can purchase a 4 ohm or just 8 ohm for my second cab.

    Sounds to me like I can choose either a 4 ohm or an 8 ohm cab. This opens up my options.

  4. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    If you can, go for a 8 Ohm; you can bridge the channels and maximise watts.