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  1. Well, I have finally got my ideal bass in my head and I have just about all the details worked out and a good budget to free up the money (I hope). It is time to build my dream bass, but one problem remains.... I don't know much about the different bass builders. Not sure who I should contact to start the carving it out for me.

    I have sort of specific tastes when it comes to woods, pickups, electronics, and hardware but nothing really exotic. I like the standard Jazz bass shape so that may play a part in finding a builder as they all don't do that. The woods that I have picked out should be fairly easily attained as well (Mahogany body w/ Walnut top, Maple neck with ebony fingerboard, standard frets, no inlays)

    Any suggestion based on some kind of experience will be greatly appreciated and if you want me to say you sent me, I can do that too.
  2. Chris, you slap monster! What are you having built, Slapzilla?

    Here is a great way, IMO, to get a feel for what kind of costs you're looking at and to get different approaches - Let www.luthiersaccessgroup.com have your spec's via email. They will shop them around for you to various luthiers. Interested luthiers will reply with either a price quote or a ballpark figure, depending on what you ask for.

    That was my first move after my spec's had sorta coalesced and I got six bids, (incl. Chris Stambaugh, Ken Lawrence, Mike Dolan, et al). I ended up with Dave Pushic mainly because he doesn't limit you and I wanted a 5 string, (he builds more of those than anything else). If you can draw it, he seems willing to build it if you aren't asking for a clone of an established design.
  3. Thanks for the link rickbass1. Once I have it made I will post some pics and a few spanky grooves for ya.

    So how did it work our with your Dave Pushic bass? I have seen some of his bass builds and they are some darn nice looking instruments. I wonder how they sound.
  4. Hasn't worked out yet. I found a one-of-kind piece of crazy wood for the fingerboard, mirindiba. It's on its way to Dave from Oregon right now. Once we see if it lives up to the hype the wood source gave me, it's clear sailing. The body woods have been bought.

    Yeah, lay some slapalicious new grooves on your website. I'll be there.
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    Regarding Custom Bass Builders, something that should be an important fact, is Luthier Experience making Instruments.
    That will influence in many things the final product.
  6. Yeah, experience is very important I would imagine. I am trying to track down a luthier that I met in Florida last year who showed me some of his work. His name is Bill Covert at Lyrical Lumber. I visited his store front and he was nice enough to sit down and talk to me about every aspect of the instrument. He even played one that we was finishing up. Right handed and I play lefty. I tried to play it upside down, but it was not a good way to find out what it sounded like because I kept tripping up, so he jammed on it. Great sound, solid construction, and the luthier was very easy to talk to. I don't recall the number of years he said he had been building, but it was quite some time.
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    Why don't you contact the Fender Custom Shop? They can't build you anything you could possibly imagine, the sky is the limit, assuming you have the money to fly you up there.
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    i'd just build that yourself out of warmoth parts. they'll build anything you want out of whatever you want, won't have a problem with the fender clone aspect, and will probably end up costing you much less.

  9. Thanks for the advice Warwick5, but I am not sure I want to use Warmonth if I go that route. I have heard good things about USACustomguitars.com and I have them building me a neck for my Jazz bass right now. If I like the quality of the neck, and I decide to do what you suggest, I may just ask these guys to put together a body for me.

    The only problem I have with putting it together myself if that I don't know a lot about assembling the electronics stuff. I am also not sure what electronics I want. I know what functions I am looking for, but not what kind will do that.

    As far as the electronics go, I want to use a Seymour Duncan Music Man style pickup in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jazz in the neck position. I would like to have active Bass, Treble, and sweepable Mids as well as a coil splitter switch for the MM pickup. I was thinking U-retro with an added coil splitter switch, but I don't know if it can be done.

    Well, that is my dilemma with building it myself. Any help with this would be great too.
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    I've only had one Custom made bass.. which is my Salas and I'm definately pleased with the work Tim Salas put in to my bass :)
  11. Thanks DarkMazda. How can I find more info on Salas basses? I can't find a home page or anything. I found some for sale on some site, but I need to get one custom build mostly because I am lefty and I know what I want.

    Do you have a URL or phone number?