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SOLD 1 of a Kind - Mike Lull P4 30"scale with Bisonic/Darkstar

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Holdsg, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Holdsg

    Holdsg Talkbass > Work Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Alta Loma, CA
    One-of-a-kind, custom-built bass, handcrafted by master luthier Mike Lull in 2017. One of the first of his 30" scale P-basses that were introduced at Winter NAMM 2017 (last year). Completely custom made to my specs. Currently For-sale-only, and I may come to my senses at any time.


    Seeking $2250 shipped within North America. Will not ship outside of North America, sorry.
    No trades at this time.

    I was going after a modern, superbly playable short-scale bass with the Darkstar sizzle.
    This bass has all of that. Features low action, a fast neck, light weight (7 lbs 2 oz), is perfectly balanced, and has a unique voice thanks to the punchy, full-range Novak Bisonic/Dark Star pickup with passive electronics.

    • Body shape is Precision, with forearm contours
    • Extremely light and resonant alder, bass weighs 7 lbs 2 oz total. A dream weight for those who have difficulty with heavy basses.
    • Finished in a matte Ocean Blue Metallic that begs for attention, quite stunning in person
    • Mint/mint condition. Gigged once, some of the only minor-est of player wear, no dings whatsoever.
    • Quartersawn maple, satin finish
    • 30" scale from nut to bridge
    • 1.5" nut width, nut material is hand-carved bone
    • Rosewood fretboard
    • Novak Bisonic pickup, painstaking replica of the Hammond Dark Star pickup
    • Fully shielded control and pickup cavity
    • Fully passive, controls are overall volume, and overall tone, just like a P-bass
    • All-black hardware
    • Brass Hipshot A style bridge
    • Hipshot UltraLite tuning keys
    • Matte Black pick guard
    • Currently strung with Ernie Ball Cobalt flat wound strings.
    • Mike Lull-logoed Protec Contego-style gig bag
    Priced at $2250 including shipping within North America.
    Price is firm and I'm in no hurry to sell.
    PayPal preferred
    Thanks for the interest in this fantastic bass.
    Here is a full set of pics:

    DSCN1511.jpg DSCN1502.jpg DSCN1503.jpg DSCN1504.jpg DSCN1506.jpg DSCN1509.jpg DSCN1510.jpg DSCN1512.jpg DSCN1515.jpg DSCN1516.jpg
  2. husky123

    husky123 Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jul 6, 2006
    Leesburg, VA
    Product Specialist and Artist Relations for Bergantino Audio Systems
    Oh daddy-o.
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  3. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    Lordy! Now here’s a guy who knows what he likes as well as how to get it. Talk about a unique design…

    Awesome bass! :thumbsup:
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  4. Mushroo

    Mushroo Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2007
    Massachusetts, USA
    WOW!!! :)
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  5. PullThePlug


    Jan 8, 2014
    This is absolutely incredible. GLWTS.
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  6. Tendril


    Sep 28, 2004
    Cleveland, Ohio
    A dream bass, for sure. Wish I had the funds.
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  7. Holdsg

    Holdsg Talkbass > Work Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Alta Loma, CA
    me too, Kawai

    I had someone ask if I have sound clips.
    I do have some iphone video of me playing the bass, but nothing high-fidelity.
    Convo/PM me if interested in links to those.
  8. Tom P

    Tom P

    Aug 19, 2004
    Noyce! G is the man to deal with!
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  9. Mustang Surly

    Mustang Surly

    Jul 10, 2013
    Now that's a pup, a scale length and a nut width (among other things) that I could learn t'like w/o much effort. W/o any effort, actually.
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  10. Tmh2oson


    Apr 25, 2014
    Stokesdale, NC
    Watterson Guitars
    I just want to say that the Novak darkstar pickups are incredible! I bet this bass sounds insane!
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  11. Squawk


    Feb 19, 2014
    PM Sent
  12. SactoBass

    SactoBass A retired civil engineer who likes all-tube amps! Supporting Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    Lake Havasu City, AZ
    Insanely cool bass! :thumbsup:
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  13. Holdsg

    Holdsg Talkbass > Work Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Alta Loma, CA
    thanks man
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  14. If this bass is still available in April when I come into the funds to purchase, I will seriously consider this bass. Question: why are you selling when you had it custom made to your specs? What don't you like?
  15. Squawk


    Feb 19, 2014
    Another PM sent
  16. Holdsg

    Holdsg Talkbass > Work Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Alta Loma, CA
    I like everything about it, just not getting any playtime, so I'd rather pass it on to someone else to enjoy.
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  17. Holdsg

    Holdsg Talkbass > Work Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Alta Loma, CA
    this one is sold
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  18. Squawk


    Feb 19, 2014
    And I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks OP.
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