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  1. SOLD-CLOSED!PRICE LOWERED 1 FINAL TIME FOR QUICK SALE: FOR SALE: This is from what i'm to understand a 1 of a kind custom factory Washburn Status 1000. I beleive it was officially called "Wood Stone",but I just call it "Gold Foil". With the exception of a little bit of finish checking around the knobs,the bass is in overall good condition. You can't tell the checking unless you get up close in the light. Looking straight on,you don't see it. At some point before I got it,someone robbed the preamp out of it & had it wired passive. I went ahead & bought a brand new,still in the box,"Seymore Duncan-Bass Lines" Preamp. It has a push/pull slap vol pot,a pickup pan pot,& a stacked bass/treble pot (this preamp is a monster.
    Recently I was looking for a Washburn Status 1000 & ended up with 2 of them. This bass is awesome & even passive,especially with the phenoly finferboard,it sounds incredible. I didn't think it was possible,but have been told by several that the preamp thats going in this bass "KILLS".
    Comes with a gig bag. PRICE LOWERED FROM $750.00 T0 $675.00-A STEAL! You can call me as late as needed at 423-847-5611. Can provide references!!!

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    Wasn't this one just for sale recently from another TB'r?
  3. Yes it is. I was looking for one and ended up with 2 so 1 has to go.
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  7. Bump! This is a STEAL & price has been lowered..A Slap Monster.

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